TOPY-VP420X Foshan Semi-auto Packaging Machine, food packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine 4200VFFS packaigng machine:Product Description ApplicationSuitable to pack coffee bean, sugar, salt, spice, potato chips, puffed food, jelly, pet food, snacks, gummy, etc. Optional deviceFilling nitrogen device, gusseted device, punching jaws, chain bag device, PE film device, venting device Technical advantages l        The frame is made of SS#304, which makes the machine with longer working life and anti-corrosion.l        Mitsubishi PLC control the whole machine movementl        Perfect alarm system to help resolve the problem at the first timel        Double-belt pulling film system, fast and work stable SPECIFICATIONS Model TOPY-VP420X Max packing speed 85bags/min Bag size (L)50-230mm* (W)60-190mm Type of bagRead More →

Hot filling machine, washing,filling and capping 3 in 1 juice machine                                                1. All parts, for instance, filling valve, which directly contact medium are made of stainless steel. So it conform to the requirements of food sanitation.2. Sealing parts are made of heat-proofing rubber, in order to meet the technique requirements of users to sterilize the whole machine at high temperature.3.The automatic bottle fruit juice processing line using programmable controller to realize fully automatic control from bottles entering to finishing packing.4.The automatic bottle fruit juice processing line using advanced magnetic coupler to regulate cap-screwing torque, in order to assure capping quality Washing part Filling part Sealing part   main Technical parameters ModelRead More →

   Zhejiang optical instrument manufacturers microscope price Z112  configuration:                                      Product name Zhejiang optical instrument manufacturers microscope price Z112 AchromaticObjectives 4X,10X,40X(Spring),100X(Spring,Oil)  Eyepiece  Wide Field Eyepiece :WF10X,(WF16X optional) Viewing head sliding trinoclular head Focusing Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment,Focusing Range 30mm,Fine  Division 0.002mm  Stage Double Layer Mechanical Stage Size 140X140mm,Moving Range 75X45mm    Condenser   Abbe NA=1.25 with lris Diaphragm&Filter Illumination Halogen Lamp or LED 3W, 220V/6V20W or 110V/6v20W   optional flat field objectives  4X,10X,40X(Spring),100X(Spring,Oil)       Zhejiang optical instrument manufacturers microscope price Z112  picture:               Zhejiang optical instrument manufacturers microscope priceRead More →

DSHD-261A   Price For Oil Products Automatic Pensky Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Test  Equipment Brief description:This instrument is designed according industrial standard SH/T0315 Technical Specifications of Closed Cup Flash Point Tester. What its main function is to make determination of closed cup flash point of the petroleum products according to national standard GB/T 261 or ASTM D93. I.Main technical features1. Simulation tracking displays function curves of heating up and test time.2. Equipped with the English prompt function of mis-operation.3. Equipped with prompt function of test date,test time and other parameters.4. Automatically calibrate the effect of atmospheric pressure to test and calculate the corrected value.5. Differential coefficient detection.AutomaticallyRead More →

Specifications l        Rugged, durable andwaterproof design l        Integrated on boardsoftware l        24,000 point data storage Ideal construction stakeout ttotal station Professional  Optical Instruments total station survey instrument china    Product Description   Onboard Software The GTS-100N Series come with onboard software as standard. Powerful and func- tional enough to enable setting out and surveying for all of your site tasks. Internal memory storage capacity of up to 24.000 points!       Expanded full numeric keypad The GTS-100N provides an expanded numeric keypad for simple and assured input of points and  layout information, including calculations. Backlit LCD and user definable display parameters included as standard.                                    Read More →

                                  liquid soap filling machine Why choose us • With more than 15 years expertise and experience.• Embrace flexibility and professionalism.• No lowest price but always value for money.• We treat our staffs and suppliers as respectful partners.• We keep stock of electronic components, touch displays, motors, etc. ready for immediate delivery.• Provide customized services for special orders according to specifications.Long-term customers are happy customers and repeated customers:The goal of our activities is the long-term satisfaction of our customers by the supply of easy-use and reliable equipment.Company Information Why Choose Us:• WithRead More →

 Leak Tester1  Application :- Leak Tester is to validate the rigid bottles before filling.2 Automatic Rejection :- It has a rejection system which rejects the leak bottles / containers.3 Online :- Machine shown is an Online Leak tester.4  Speed :- Machine operates at a speed of 35-38* bottles per minute for 1 Liter containers.5  Change over :- Linear machine offers easy change over from one size/shape of container to other as the setting are easy and no change parts are involved.6  Leak Check :- By change in pressure method with intelligent sensors and circuits.7  Conveyor :- 2.4 mtr long PVC belt specialized conveyor with ACRead More →

(1) Maximum Paper Roll Diameter: φ1500mm (2) Effective Width: 900mm-2200mm(3) Maximum Support Weight: 3t(4) Main Axis: φ242mm(5) The Structure is Double Rotary Shafts with Four Arms(6) Support Two Paper Mill Rolls on both Arms at the Same Time(7) Hydraulic Control for Paper Mill Roller Up-down, Clamp-open and Centering(8) Web Tension Controlled by Pneumatic Brake or Manual Brake(9) Tapered Center, Stretch Center and Springiness Chucks are Optional We are the biggest manufacturer of corrugated carton machinery in north of China with 30 years production experience. We produce corrugated cardboard and carton production line, which is composed of hydraulic mill roll stand, preheater, high speed single facer corrugation machine, gluer, double facer, N.C slitterRead More →

  This extremely easy to use instrument has been manufactured to determine the static and kinetic friction of plastic film, sheeting, paper and other sheeted material. The Coefficient of Friction Tester can measure Static COF from a resting position and continue to move testing surfaces in a relative motion to give an accurate kinetic COF result.This COF Tester employs a stationary sled with a moving plane. The test head automatically returns to the start position after testing is complete.With the option of a computer software package to record data, the IDM COF Tester has proven itself to be a fast, reliable and accurate method of determiningRead More →