UV1800 Series UV-spectrophotometer  Product Description  Product Description:1. The host can dependently accomplish photometric measurement and quantitative measurement, spectral scanning, dynamics, DNA/protein test, wavelength testing and data printing functions, etc.2. Using the latest ARM system, built-in double operating system in both Chinese and English, can through the USB interface transfer data storage.Features:1. Adopt 1200 bar/mm high-performance grating. New light control system makes the instrument light switch more quickly.2. The instrument adopts 320*240 lattice highlighted LCD display, direct display scan map, the screen interface simple, convenient use.3. Socket xenon lamp and tungsten lamp design, after change light no need optical debugging.4. Large sample chamber can accommodate 5-1000mm various specificationsRead More →

Auto Chart Projector RS-1001 is a precision optical instrument for accurate refraction. It provides 30 different charts and 35 masks, with programmable remote control. Duochrome test charts to check single and binocular vision, and polarized test charts to check binocular vision and ocular muscle imbalance. Projection distance 1.5m~ 6m Projection magnification 30 x (at 5m) Projection size 330mm(W) x270mm(H) (at 5m) Chart 30 different pattern Speed of chart conversion One chart per 0.03s Mask 1 open, 5 horizontal lines, 8 vertical lines, 21 single letters, 1 red/green speed of mask conversion One mask per 0.03s Program 2 sets programs, each program contains up to 30 steps LightRead More →

 Nade lab Optics Instrument Digital Automatic Polarimeter P850  589.3nm  P850 automatic polarimeter includes built-in Peltier precise temperature control system, automatic photoelectric inspection technology and WINDOWS HMI system, boasts accurate and reliable measurement, convenient operation and so on. By detecting the specific rotation, the density, content and purity, etc. of substances can be analyzed and determined. It’s widely used in medicine, petroleum, food, chemicals, flavors, spices, sugar making, other industries and universities and research institutes.  Characteristics:  Automatic photoelectric inspection technique and built-in Peltier precise temperature control system ensure measurement accuracy and stability; Large color touch screen display and innovative WINDOWS software interface give extremely convenient device operation and dataRead More →

IAT-1710E Integrated Access Tester  p Features Suitable for telecom operators clients verify bandwidth and fast troubleshooting Applicable to MSTP/MSAP network opening and maintenance testing with all service interfaces One tester with multiple functions, provide integrated testing of E1, V interface and Ethernet A number of ways to verify channel bandwidth, support for symmetric and asymmetric RFC2544 test Original high-speed PING test function, can be arbitrary set PING rate, the maximum rate support up to 1000 Mbps, able to quickly locate the fault for maintenance personnel Optimization of the defensive design to ensure the safety and solid of the instrument The operating interface similar to smart phone, more simple to use New hardware platform and optimized algorithm of the software make the device run smoothly  p Functions  10/100/1000M Ethernet Test Functions l Link & Network ü VLAN: available for 2 layers VLAN traffic frames ü MPLS: available for 3 layers VLAN traffic frames l Network Performance ü RFC2544 testing: provide throughput test, latency test, frame loss test, back-to-back frame test ü Traffic testing: Traffic generation at full line rate to test service at layer 2, layer 3, layer 4, support 8 configurable streams to count the received traffic and filter and analyze the received data. Carry out BERT and IPDV data jitter testing at the same time ü High-speed PING: high speed PING whose rate is up to 1000Mbps and based on hardware, support loopback PING and multiple address’ PING ü High-speed download speed testing: available for multithreading 1000 Mbps line rete download rate testing which is based on FTP and HTTP ü Service performance testing: test the response time of DNS, POP3, SMTP, and the WEB server ü Data loopback: available for 1~3 layer’s data loopback ü Mutual cooperation: cooperate with other instruments of DADI Telecom to test RFC 2544 l Network Tools ü PING: ordinary PING function to verify network connectivity ü Trace route: display the information of each router that data packets target by  ü WEB browse: surf the Internet through the browser ü PPPoE: PPPoE dial up, PING and traffic testing l Network Analysis ü Net scan: scan and identify network equipment in LAN l Cable & Port ü Wire length testing: test the length of twisted-pair cable ü Wire order testing: to recognize the cables are parallel or cross  ü Port blink: determine which port of the switch connected to the cable ü Cable find: cooperate with Tone generator to find the cable ü POE testing: Identification of PoE equipment  E1 Testing l PING: ducking with router, detect the protocol ( HDLC/PPP/FR ) type of E1 interface and configure IP address automatically. Support the loopback PING l Abnormal Defects Analysis: online or offline BERT l Loop Delay Testing: Accuracy of 1 us l Switching Time Testing: the time interval from the main channel switch to the standby channel  V Series Interfaces Testing ( V.24/V.35 ) l PING: ducking with router, detect the protocol ( HDLC/PPP/FR ) type of V.35 interface, identify the router’s IP address, configure the tester’s IP address automatically. Support the loopback PING. l Abnormal Defects Analysis: offline BERT l Loop Delay Testing: Accuracy of 1 us l Switching Time Testing: the time interval from the main channel switch to the standby channel   General Indicators Size 216x109x56mm Weight <1.5kg Display 5”LED, 480×272 color screen Operation Touch Storage 2G SD card Rechargeable li-ion battery Charging time 3~4H   Operating time >5H Environment Operating temperature -10~50℃   Storage temperature -20~70℃   Operating humidity 10% ~ 90%   Storage humidity 5% ~ 95%  Read More →

Bottle Hot Juice Filling Machine 24 Heads Filling Machine  Our factory is specialized in beverage packaging machinery, such as carbonated beverage filling machine, hot juice filling machine, beer filling machine, as well as water production line. We can supply the whole project line for our customer, and also turn-key project.For more information, please contact with me directly, then i will make a detailed offer for your reference. Description— Juice Filling Machine 1. This juice filling machine can carry out bottle washing filling and capping in one machine.2. The whole hot juice filling  machine is designed in reasonable. The appearance is beautiful and you can do the maintenance easily.3. It adopts bottleneck blocking type conveying-bottle structure to make changing bottle model more convenient, faster and easier. 4. The main machine is controled by PLC completely. The hardware is from international famous company.  Pictures Show — Juice Filling Machine  Technical Data — Juice Filling Machine     WELCOME TO VISIT ZHANGJIAGANG RELIABLE MACHINERY CO., LTD Read More →

Laboratory testing equipment KMI Tensile Testers are electrically operated machines capable of determining tensile strength and elongation of Textile, Rubber, Plastic, Cables and Conductors, Leather, Asbestos, Paper, Plywood, Metal, and other materials.Can test materials in conformity with IS or other standard. 1)      Facility to have multiple numbers of load cells thus giving wide range of coverage with better accuracy at higher and lower load ranges with minimum resolutions (least count).2)      Special facility for mounting additional load cells as a result of which there is no need to change either load cells or grips on the machine.3)      Speed of the machine can be regulated through computerized systems.4)      UnlimitedRead More →

optical instruments plane holographic diffraction gratings Product Description   Product Description  Holographic Plane Gratings             There are a wide range of holographic master gratings. Typical groove density range of the plane holographic gratings is from 600 lines/mm up to 4321 lines/mm.  Specificationse.g.  Groove Density (g/mm) 1200 Wavelength Range(nm) 190-800 Dimensions (mm) 64*64 Coating Aluminum Type Reflective Diffraction Grating Construction Plane Holographic Gratings—GH101  Master list      Please contact us for detailedHolographic Plane Gratings Master ListNote:YBT OPTICS has a huge library of grating, offers a wide variety of different specification.If we do not have a grating that meets your requirement, please contact our sales department as newgratings are manufactured on a regular basis. Actual product      Our Services   Extensive Product Range   Diffraction Gating Ruled gratings Transmission gratings Holographic plane gratings Concave Spectrograph (Flat Field) Concave monochromator gratings Concave Rowland circle gratings HighRead More →

Model: SDH-1620A SDH/PDH Transmission AnalyzerOverview:The SDH-1620A is an advanced and handheld SDH/PDH transmissionanalyzer, which integrates on-line and off-line test of STM-1(155M) and E1 (2M)and tests of STM-4 (622M), STM-16(2.5G) into one package. Being highlyaffordable, easy-to-use and scalable, this powerful unit is ideal for installationand maintenance testing over the SDH/PDH transmission and accessnetworks. Functions:BERT: BERT test for PDH and SDH and error performance analysis per   G821, G826, G828, G829, M2100 and (or) M2101; Directly and   automatically compare the test results with standards. Anomaly/defect testing: Tx-end transmitting anomaly/defect events and Rx-end receiving anomaly/defect events with record and statistics; recorded events displayed in chart and/or graphics and supporting filter selection OverheadRead More →

High quality slide-out loupe magnifier names for optical instrument   A handy folding magnifier. The LED lamp lights up automatically when you swing it open.   A conveniently portable pocket magnifier.   Metallic plate finish with a high-quality feel.   Product Description Available in 13 colors.   The LED lamp lights up automatically when you swing it open.   The built-in LED lamp lets you see clearly even in the dark! When you slide it open more than 90°, the lamp lights up, so if you slide it open less than 90° when viewing things in brightly lit areas, you can reduce battery consumption.  Read More →

 Product DescriptionIntroduction:  JBW-B series PC controlled semi-automatic impact testing machine is mainly used to determine the anti-impact capability of ferrous metal materials with high toughness, especially for steel and iron and their alloy, under dynamic load. This series tester is operated semi-automatically, the pendulum of the machine can be raised or released automatically. Be applicable for continuing testing in different kinds of laboratories and other metallurgy industrial manufactories. It is designed and developed according to standard of ISO148, ASTM E23. ( charpy impact test equipment price / charpy impact tester/ impact testing machine )  ***1, Pendulum rising, impact, free releasing etc. action can be controlled easily by PCRead More →