Coefficient of friction tester Standards:ASTM D 1894 -1990,GB 10006 -1988, TAPPI 816 wd-00,ISO 8295 -1995.  Function:By testing the friction efficient number judges the smoothness, uniformity of film, efficiently to prevent it’s smoothness level avoiding the quality defects Application :* Filmsrigid films, shrik films, stretch films, plastic films, plastic composite films, paper-plastic composite films,aluminized films, aluminum foil, aluminum composite films, high barrier films and many others. Eg. PET, OPP, CPP, LDPE, BOPP* Sheetengineering plastics, rubber, waterproof building materials, and thermal insulation materials, e.g. PP, PVC, PVDC, and nylon*Packagespaper, plastics, rubber, paper, paper-plastic composite, glass, and metal packages, eg: bottles, containers, Techinical Parameter  Model GM-1 GM-4 Testing range 0.01~0.99 0.001-0.999 Testing precision 0.01 0.001 Force measurement range 0~2N Sample thickness ≤2mm Sliding piece size 63×63mm Sliding piece weight 200±2g Working table size 200×470mm    Features:1.Stable performance, accurate test data;2.Use friendly and durably;3.Computer control, test results directly show in the window; connecting computer with professional software online show the test curve and can save the test report as well as print;4.Import superior components, longer lift time;5.Simple calibration method;6.Versatile operation language support Service1: One year guarantee and all lifetime techinical support2: USA, Australia Aisa Local agent for service3   Speedy reply, 12hrs response to customer questions4 Software free update5. Minor maintenance —parts ship within 24 hrs6 Major maintenance—Technical will be sent within 15 days  Certificate:  Our customer:  Our Laboratory:       Our team:   Read More →

This machine is line type filling machine, it include rinsing, filling, capping working station in one machine, also it can make a separate machines for these 3 working station. The bottle volume is 3~10 liter and shape can be different type, and machine have special design of cap loading, it have combined cap loading device which include cap lifter and cap loading inside capping station. Based on 5L bottle, it can reach to 1000bottle/hour capacity maximum.Read More →

  Product Description digital lux/light meter ST8050 in testing equipment     This instrument is certified to the international standard C.I. With high accuracy Si photodiode and light filter , it is widely used to measure the light intensity of illumination in different applications . This instrument also has back light function , makes it easy to read when the light is insufficient or too strong .   Measurement range 0~30000 Lux; 0~2788fc  Accuracy ± (3% +5 digits) Resolution 1Lux/FC Repeatability ± 2% Temperature Characteristic ± 0.1%/ºC Sampling Time 2.5second Working Environment 0~40 C/32~104F 10% ~ 90%RH LCD Back light display √ Auto Range √ Data Hold Function √ Max.MinRead More →

precision optical instrument various Diameter optical lens manufacturers in china  Product Description Materials All kinds of high quality optical glass, quartz and crystal Diameter 0. 2~350mm Radius R 1.5mm-∞ Center thickness tolerance ±0.01mm Diameter tolerance ±0.005mm Surface quality 20/10–80/50 Surface accuracy <1λ Irregularity λ/10 Decenter 15" Coating Upon request  According to the different applications, we can manufacture:     Plano—convex lens     Plano—concave lens     Biconvex lens     Biconcave lens     Meniscus lens     CaF2 Lens     Achromatic lens     Ball lens     Other Optical Lenses  Equipment Qty Made in Processing machine 6sets China Out cutting machine 4sets China Milling machine 50sets China, Korea Grind machine 80sets China, Korea Polishing machine 260sets China, Japan, Korea Centering machine 80sets China, Japan, Korea coating machine 26sets China,Read More →

       Hot sale Alibaba China semi automatic liquid filling machineKF01-LMachine introduction1.Semi automatic liquid filling machine is piston measuring. It uses the compressed air as the power  to workonly a little electric power for the  indicator light. So this liquid filling machine can  work at any  explosive or combustible  environment by just stepping on the pedal.  2. This model semi automatic liquid filling machine does self-priming filling. Driven by the air cylinderthe piston pump liquid material  into measuring cylinder,then the piston push the liquid into to the bottle. 3.The filling capacity can be adjusted easily,by changing air cylinder measuring range.  All the semi automatic liquid filling machine parts contacted with the liquid material is made of stainless steel. 4.Pneumatic element of the semi automatic liquid filling machine is the Airtac Parts from Taiwan the performance is stable. 5. The liquid filling machine for small industries has single nozzle and double nozzle model 6.This semi automatic liquid filling machine is widely used for the water, beverage, medicinefood field,all the material in the liquid state. It isn't suitable for the liquid with granule or air bubble. 7.As it's penumatic, so this semi automatic liquid filling machine has to match with the air compressor. Techinical Parameters:  model KF01-L100 KF01-L200 KF01-L500 KF01-L1000 KF01-L2500 KF01-L5000 Filling speed 10-35 pcs/min(take water for example) Filling range 1-125ml 10-250ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml 500-2500ml 1000-5000ml Air pressure 0.4~0.6mpa  Filling error ±1% Machine size 1050(L) × 350(W) ×390(H)mm 1050(L) ×380(W) ×390(H)mm 1050(L) × 400(W) ×390(H)mm 1065 (L) ×400(W) ×450(H)mm 1250(L) ×400(W) ×500(H)mm 1390(L) ×450(W) ×560(H)6mm  weight 28 Kg 30Kg 35Kg 40Kg 50 Kg  60kg       We can Customize the automatic filling machine lines for you, just contact us for detailed requirements . Welcome to Visit our factory !Read More →

YB-YX2 Automatic eye drop /electronic cigarette liquid/ e-liquid filling machinefor 5-50ml         ——— contact: Reky ma   Product Description1. The machine is special purpose for liquid filling and capping;2. It’s fit for all kinds of bottles of materials and shapes, such as round and flat bottles.;3. This machine adopts stainless piston measuring pump for filling, pneumaticcapping, and rising-and-falling screwing;4. Has advantages of accurate measurement, stable screwing and easy operation;5. The whole machine is designed according to the requirements of GMP.Technical parameters automatic eye drop filling machine / e-liquid, e juice, essential oil filling machine   1. Filing range 5-50ml 2. Filling nozzle number 2 3. AirRead More →

  GZJ Semi-automatic pneumatic Horizontal filling machine    1.Application: Liquid & cream  Offer one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.  It is suitable for the liquid filling, New horizontal design, lightweight convenience, easy to operate 2.this machine adopts imported machine parts pistion and cylinder which made of stainless steel and polytetraflutoethylene Excellent qualified imported components and perfect 3. Feeding method: Ordinary gravity method or Auto suction method.  4. Control mode: electric contro, pneumatic driving 5.Filling range: 10-250ml,50-500ml,100-1000ml,250-2500ml,500-5000ml etc.     ng m Name Semi-automatic pneumatic filling machine Model GZJ Article Liquid or paste Volume 25-250ml Filling Piston pump Precision ±1% Pneumatic 0.6-0.8Mpa Caliber ≥5mm Capacity 35bottles/min G.W. 80Kg. Dimension L1750*W800*H950mm Function This is aRead More →

Chart Projector (ACP-68)There are C landolt                   E snellen                   k LETTER                  Chrildren                   number.   Projection distance 1.5m~ 6m Projection magnification 30 x (at 5m) Projection size 330mm(W) x270mm(H) (at 5m) Chart 33 different pattern,60Pcs Masks. Speed of chart conversion One chart per 0.03s Mask 1 open, 5 horizontal lines, 8 vertical lines, 21 single letters, 1 red/green speed of mask conversion One mask per 0.03s Program 2 sets programs, each program contains up to 30 steps Light source LEDLamp Auto-off function After 10 minutes idle time. Power source AC 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz Power consumption 80W Dimensions 300mm(L) x 230mm(W) x 240mm(H) Net weight 6Kg AccessoriesRead More →

EV LP200 juice pouch filling sealing machineApplication:The rotary packing machine is widely used in foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, seeds and other industrial fields.The packing bag suits in extensive range, suit for multi-layer compound, monolayer PE, PP and so on preformed bag made by film and paper.Production description:1-Easy to operate,adopt advanced PLC from Germany Siemens,  mate with touch screen and electric control system, the man-machine interface is friendly.2-Frequency conversion adjusts the speed: this machine uses frequency conversion equipment, can be adjusted within the range according to the needs of reality in production.3-Automatic checking: no pouch or pouch open error, no fill, no seal. the bag can be used again, avoidRead More →

 Used Vibration Testing Equipment Product Description 1. Application for  Used Vibration Testing Equipment Vibration Testing Machine used in national defense,  weapons, aviation, aerospace, communications, electronics, electrical appliances, communications, home appliances and other fields.  The air-cooled electro-dynamic shakers are designed for the vibration testing of small electronic or mechanical components or other assemblies up to 200 kg    Electronic parts and systems – qualification testingComputer equipment testingAutomotive component testingSatellite component testingGeneral stress screening   2. Key Feafures for  Used Vibration Testing Equipment Armatures diameters from 110 mm (4.3 in) to 200 mm (7.9 in) .Pneumatic load supportRugged trunnion designBig displacement up to 51mm Standard body isolation and guidance system designed to eliminate the use of a seismic baseUseful vibration control frequency range from 5 to 4500 HzStrength of the suspension system and linear motion guiding, strong carrying capacity, good guiding functions, high stability.High efficient on D Class power conversion, 3 – Sigma peak current, provide the optimization of power consumption and minimum harmonic distortion.Rapid self-test diagnostics and chain safeguard, high high safety and reliabilityDifferent application on the vertical and horizontal tables.Simple operation for the controller.3. Design standard for  Used Vibration Testing Equipment MIL-STD, DIN, ISO, ASTM, IEC, ISTA, GB, GJB, JIS, BS etc  SpecificationRead More →