SQ-80 Manual Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine in Testing Equipment  Contact: Mobile/Whatsapp:+86-15069028022   Skype:hstbetty009 Product Description  SQ-80 Manual Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine in Testing Equipment  1. Application:Model SQ-80 Metallographic specimen cutting machine can be used to cut various metal and non-metal materials so as to get specimen and observe the metallographic or lithofacies structure. The equipped cooling system can clear up the heat produced during cutting so that it will avoid the metallographic or lithofacies structure deforming of specimen because of heating influence. This machine features easy operation and reliable safety. It is the necessary specimen preparing instrument for using in factories, scientific research institutes and laboratories of colleges. 2. Main specifications:         Model SQ-80 Max. cutting diameter 80mm  Cooling method T-slot worktable, dual drive visesOutside cooling system Power supply three phase four line  380v/50Hz Motor 3.0 kw Rotate Speed 2800 r/min Abrasive wheel 250 x 2 x 32 mm  Manual Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine in Testing Equipment picture:   Company InformationThe Realistic Pictures Of Our Factory: Our CE Certificate:  ISO Standard:  Our Services Our company can also produce the customized testing machines as clients' requirements.Best service and the best price for you. Contact: Mobile/Whatsapp:+86-15069028022   Skype:hstbetty009 SQ-80 Manual Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine in Testing Equipment    Read More →

   FEATURES & ADVANTAGES: Rangefinder functionPin seeker functionScan functionSlope measure functionCompact structure with the weight of 185g only.Can change between M and Y.Within 1 Seconds comes the Range data.Automatically shut off.Fashionable design make it to be an intimate companion for out door life such as Golf, hunting, camping and traveling SPECIFICATIONS:   Measure Range: 5~400M(Y) Measure Range to Flag: 5~200M(Y) Angle measure range: ±60°  Measure Time: 0.5~1 Seconds Magnification: 6x Field of View: 7° Warranty: 1YEAR Objective Lens: 24mm Exit Pupil Diameter: 3.8mm Diopter Adjust Range: ±4 Working Temperature: -20~50°C  Accuracy: ±1M(Y)±0.2%  Battery Type: CR2-3V(lithium battery)  Low Battery Indicator: Yes  Flag-lock: Yes Scan Model: Yes  Weight: 185g  Dimensions: 104x72x41mm                       LCD DISPLAY:    1) "  " — Low battery indication; 2) "SCAN" — Scan indication; 3) "  " — Angle indication; 4) "  "—Aiming indication, used for aiming the center of a target; 5) "  " — Laser transmission indication; 6) "8888"—Linear distance,or "—-"when measurement fails; 7) "MY" —Distance unit indication, M=Meter and Y=Yard;8) "  " — Golf flag indication; 9) "1888" — Vertical height; 10) "1888" — Horizontal distance; 11)"MY High" — Height unit indication; 12)"MY Level" — Horizontal distance unit indication.                                                    APPEARANCE:   AVAILABLE TYPES & COLORS     PAYMENT TERMS:                        Q&A 1.Are your company a trading one or a factory?   Factory  (We produce, we sell)  2.How long have your company run on Laser Range Finders?   12 years focusing on Optical and Electronic,8 years in Laser Range Finders, 5Years in exporting.   3.After an order is placed, when to deliver?    It depends on whether the products you buy has inventory. If we have inventory, generally we can arrange shipment after 2 to 3 days.If not, it will be decided by the time of the factory production. 4. Is your company accept customization?    We accept OEM/ODM. We have our own factory and excellent design team,Any color and any logo is welcome, We accept OEM/ODM.   5.Do your products have warranty?   Yes, We offer 1 year warranty. Our Policy: If there is some quality problem    First, Send the defective to us. You bear the freight   Second, After fixed,send back to you.We pay the freight 6.How to place order?   a. Send us inquiry   b. Confirm your wanted AITE products   c.Confirm the price and freight and other details   d.FinishRead More →

Digital X-ray System for Testing Casting  This system is mainly used to inspect the inner holes,bulk, shrinkage,and included slag of aluminiumcastings.1.The parameters of casting tested  Size:350mm×200mm or larger than this size 2.Capacity of X-ray tube: 225KV3.XRD 1621 AN model Digital Flat Panel Detector system 4.Testing the whole area of casting by 100% Testing processing description: A station at the same time; Six platform assembly line operators place inspected workpiece platform, platform automatically enters the waiting waiting for inspection area, testing after the completion of the system will distinguish between qualified and unqualified products are marked into the next procedure, after an end of the test cycle (18Read More →

ISO 6964, IEC 60811-4-1 carbon black content testing equipment  No Business Without Communication  , All Chance Unlimited Welcome! 1. We are Manufacturer, selling our products. 2.Give you Reasonable price. 3.The Fastest delivery for urgent orders.4. Guaranteed goods high precision and stability 5. Provide our customers  1 years after sales service.  ISO 6964, IEC 60811-4-1 carbon black content testing equipment   Technical characteristics:1 :5 inch wide touch screen control, the current temperature and setting temperature, decomposition, pyrolysis condition, constant temperature state, operation time etc, according to the information integration operation is very simple.2: heating furnace and control system integration design, convenient for the user's device management.3: pyrolysis and decomposition temperature automatic storage procedures section, users just click on a button operation, dispense trival repeatedly temperature Settings. In the true sense of full automatic operation control.4: nitrogen and oxygen gas switch two road, configuration and high precision ball float gas meter.5: matching rapid cooling device, the realization of rapid cooling temperature, improve the utilization efficiency of the machine.6: oven door knob type design, convenient user feeding and loading.7: nano blanket new thermal insulation material, achieve good effect of heat preservation temperature, uniformity of furnace temperature is high.8: conforms to the standard of GB/T 2951.8, GB/T 13021, JTG E50 T1165, IEC 60811-4-1, ISO 6964.  ISO 6964, IEC 60811-4-1 carbon black content testing equipment Application:Suitable for carbon black content in polyethylene, polypropylene, poly . (butylene plastic determination.)      Optional accessories:Rapid cooling device ISO 6964, IEC 60811-4-1 carbon black content testing equipmentSpecification: Test temperature: room temperature ~ 1000℃ Heating tube inner diameter:: diameter 22mm*260mm Heating element : Resistance wire Display mode : 5 inch wide touch screen The temperature control mode : Memory PID programmable control, automatic temperature setting Working power supply : AC220V/50HZ/60HZ Rated power: 1KW   ISO 6964, IEC 60811-4-1 carbon black content testing equipment Photo Reference: ISO 6964, IEC 60811-4-1 carbon black content testingRead More →

Automobile Generator Test Bench ( Variable Frequency Digital,garage equipment, auto test equipment ) 1.Function IntroductionThis test bench is used mainly for performance test of automobile generator and alternator and special generator test.It uses variable frequency speed regulation LED digital display and possesses high control sensitivity and strong controllability.Display instrument uses digital display mode, reads data directly and is electronic load module type.This test bench is especially applicable for testing large vehicles generator and alternator.It is also matched with computer to process data, display on the computer, store & print test results and wave form curve and achieve dynamic test of various models generators.2.Technical ParameterInput workingRead More →

 Product Description  The Automtic type/Remote control test pump is the patented product of our company and we got the patent in the year of 1995. Considering the safety of the operator, we had installed safety valve, pressure controller, and remote which largely protect the operator.The electric pressure testing pump could come with below optional parts:-Remote controller-Peper/Paperless pressure recorder/ Chart recorder / Explosive proof pressure recorder-Portable printing unit-Portable pressure recording and monitoring unit PaperType/Paperless type Pressure RecorderExplosive-proof Pressure Recorder         Portable Pressure Recorder  Model JMEA6.3-200Mpa electric pressure testing pump keeps the advantages high level of standardization, serialization and generalization, long service reliable performance, flexible movement and light weight. The pump is equipped with a transmission case, crosshead, hydraulic control valve and electrical control box which assure the steady and reliable performance of the pumps. The electric pressure testing pump (hereafter called pump for short) is the equipment provided specially for testing water pressure of various pressure vessels, pipes, valves, and  and for getting high pressure liquid in labs etc.During the initial stage of pressure testing, the pump is working with low pressure flow rate. When the pressure is over 1.6Mpa, the flow rate is automatically changing to high pressure flow rate which assures the pressure testing process steady and smoothly   Model Rated Pressure Mpa Flow rate L/h Power Kw Overall Size   Mm Weight  kgs High pressure Low Pressure JMEA165/6.3  6.3 165 500 1.1 815x480x1055 204 JMEA100/10  10 100 450 JMEA63/16Read More →

 Material Tensile Pull Testing Equipment MODEL:RS-8010  Purpose:This machine is suitable for adhesive tape,rubber,plastic,sponge,waterproof materials,electric wire&cable,textile,net rope,non-woven fabrics ect nonmetal materials and metallic thread,metal foil,steel plate and metal rod to do stretching,compression,bending,peeling,cutting,tearing tests. Standards  ASTM D3330 Standard Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tape (Test Method A—Single-Coated Tapes at 180° Angle) ASTM D3330 Standard Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tape (Test Method F—Single Coated Tapes at 90° Angle) ASTM D1894-06 Standard Test Method for Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction of PlasticFilm and Sheeting Specification: Model RS-8010 RS-8010A Capacity (optional) 5KN Unit (switchable) N, KN, Kgf, Lbf, Mpa,Lbf/In2, Kgf/MM2 Load resolution 1/250,000 Load accuracy ±0.25% Stroke (excludeRead More →

(1) Easy in operation & maintenance.(2) Stable performance.(3) Long life span.(4) Advanced technology1.Capacity: 250ml Baseline, 250ml Slimline2.Packaging Speed: 3000 cartons/hr3.Packaging with  acid beverage, and fruit juice, tea, water etc.4.Shelf life: Milk: 8 months;  Juice:12 months5.Total Power:20KW6.Power Source:50HZ 380/220V7.Size:L×W×H: 5700×2000 ×4400mm8.Weight:3300KGCONTACT PERSON: Letitia LiMob: 0086 15168999011TEL: 0086 539 7866888 FAX: 0086 539 7963389http://www.chinabihai.com Filling Machinery & Packaging MaterialsAseptic Solution ProviderSHANDONG BIHAI   Read More →

small packaging machine   Features: ·  This Sleeve sealing shrink machineis very suitable for such products as pop-top cans, glass bottles, beer and mineral water, wood, steel, doors etc. · Supply counting, full-column automatic shrink without tray. It is suitable for different bottles or cans, and provides single and double rows of the bottle without bottom-tray. It is full-column shrink packing. · ST-6030, which is piling, wrapping, sealing, shrinking, and cooling automatically. The whole working process adopts the German advanced technology based on European standard. · The electrical units are chosen from international famous companies such as OMRON, SICK, NORGREN and MITSUBISHI. · The packed goods are neat, compact and suitable for prolongedRead More →

 Electronic Programmable Salt Spray Test Equipment/ Electronic Salt Test Equipment  Economical Salt Spray Environmental Test Chamber      1. Products Specifications                                                                                     ♦  Salt spray test chamber for powder coating ♦  CE certifiied corrosion tester for coated parts  ♦  For NSS ASS & CASS salt spray test   2. Usage                                       Read More →