dual-chamber plastic bag vacuum packaging machine,package sealing shrinking sealer shrinker equipment food, CE Approved Application:It is widely used for the vacuum packing of various products to have a longer shelf time in food, pharmacy,agriculture, chemical, electronic industries.Available products: granular, powdery, liquid, mushy food product, fruits,medicines, chemical products, electronic components,precise instrument,precious metals.Main feature: Whole Stainless Steel Construction Digital Control Panel Optional Two Strong Vacuum Pumps Applied Removable Sealing Bar A cycle with vacuum, seal and code-print (pressed in seal part of bag) and also gas flushing option With switch on/off for second sealing bar saving power Lock down wheel installed, easy to moving and working StainlessRead More →

  Hyde Manufacture UV Weather Resistance Test Equipment    UV Weather Resistance Test Equipment Specifications  1. UV Weather Resistance Test Equipment 2. 2 year warranty3. Programmable 4. UV wavelength 280~400nm   UV Weather Resistance Test Equipment Application   UV Weather Resistance Test Equipment simulates  damaging effects of long term outdoor UV spectra of sunlight , heat, moisture on materials and coatings. It exposes specimen to varying conditions of weathering- ultraviolet radiation, moisture and heat to test the performance and improve the quality  UV Weather Resistance Test Equipment Parameters   Model HD-UV-1/HD-UV-2 Internal dimensions 45x110x50cm Performance Temperature range R.T. +10℃~70℃ Temperature fluctuation ≤±0.5℃ humidity range 95%~100%RH External dimensions D× W× H 50x130x148cm Working environment temperature +5℃~+35℃ LightRead More →

Full Automatic Small Bottle Mineral Water Filling Machine Price Product Description: 1. Automatic Bottling 3 in 1 mineral Water Filling Machine adopt Rinsing/Filling/Capping 3-in-1technology, PLC control, Touch Screen, it is mainly made of SUS304 or SUS316. 2. It is used for filling kinds of non-carbonated water, such as still water,drinking water.mineral water,flavored water,spring water. 3. Its usual prodcution capacity is in 2000-20,000bph, 0.3-2L PET bottle is available. 4. Pivotal electrical part use Mitsubishi, OMRON, SIEMENS. 5. Filling accuracy is more or less than 1%. 6. We can provide bottle blowing machine,bottle filling machine,labeling machine,wrapping packing machine etc complete plant solution for PET bottle.with optional capacityfrom 2,000-20,000BPH 1).BottledRead More →

Snack food packaging machine  Product Description   Snack food packing machine application:  This machine is widely used to pack sachet of granular materials, such as sugar, instant coffee, salt, spices, MSG,  flavouring, sunflower seeds, lentil, nuts, chicken powder, tea, herbs, peanuts, dry beans, pepper, rice, food grain,   detergent powder, legume, etc.   Packaging materials:   Packing material include several kinds of heat seal lamination, such as PET/plated AL/PE/, PET/PE, NYON etc.   Snack food packing machine Technical:  Model DXDL-100H DXDL-500 DXDL-800 Bag size(H*W) H:40-160(mm) H:50-200(mm)  H:80-27(mm)   W:40-110(mm) W:50-130(mm) W:80-200(mm) Capacity(bag/min) 20-70bags/min (bag/min) 20-40bags/min (bag/min) 20-40bags/min (bag/min) Filling range      1-50g     10-300g    50-1000g                                      (depending on materials) Power 220V,50Hz,1.8KW 220V,550w,1.8KW 220V,550W,1.8KW   Total weight 350KG 300KG 350KG Packing Material PET/plated AL/PE/, PET/PE, NYON etc Fuction This machine is widely used to pack sachet of granular materials, such as sugar, instant coffee, salt, spices, MSG, flavouring, sunflower seeds, lentil, nuts, chicken powder, tea, herbs, peanuts, dry beans, pepper,Read More →

TPMC-2 Automatic road surface friction coefficient test equipment  Features:1. Most of all supporting parts (over 90%) adapts imported or military aerospace products made of to ensure durability and stability.2. Testing by Ministry of Transportation Highway Engineering Test Center: the correlation with Ministry of Transportation standard pavement and standard equipment reach to 0.99, the standard deviation of the standard ice road is 0.005.3. With smooth rotation compensation mechanism to compensate test vehicle’s moving and uneven pavement in motion.4. Transport wheels can be automatically tested and testing two state transitions and electric mechanical locking. Performance and parameters:1.Test speed: low speed of 20 km / h, high speed up to 100 km / h; drag speed 0-100 km / h;2.Operation temperature: -25°C-+60°C   humidity: 95% at 15°C;3.Test wheel can measure the road surface friction coefficience on wheel tracks;4.Friction test wheel(particularly smooth type): E1551;5.Distance Test wheel: resolution+/-20mm;6.Friction test accuracy: the average friction coefficient + / -0.01, in calculation, the numbers in the preservation of 5 m, 10 m, 15 m, 20 m is optional;7.Distance measurement accuracy: + / -0.1% plus tire wear (can be changed to station no. according to the distance , and can be corrected);8.The weight of test wheel when grouned (left and right wheels);9.With stable compensation mechanism for broken pavement;10.Towing hook height variation compensation shaft mechanism;11.Broken pavement wheel load fast and stable mechanism;12.Microcomputer automatic control tests on the rotation angle and lock the angle of rotation;13.Wireless transmission of measurement and control;14.Windows operation system;15.Quick coupling connects with sprinkler;16.Water film surveillance images is displayed in real time;17.The car's own power supply provides power for the water supply system and measurement system, no external power supply unit;18.Operating voltage: tractor supply, DC12V;19.Total weight:254kg;20.Dimensions:1500*870*650mm.  Read More →

  Foshan Factory High Speed Sachet Viscous Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine Product Description  1.Three side sealing vertical packaging machine.2.Adopts light sensor control system,stepping motor control film transporting system,reliable and stable performance.3.Using VVVF,operation is much more stable,low noise and low malfunction.  Technique specification name  Three Side Sealing Vertical Packaging Machine Type SK-160s Metering Device Liquid Filling&Metering Device Bag width 50-150mm Bag Length 30-200mm Packing Speed 30-60 bags/min Metering Range 10-250ml Sealing Form Three side sealing Power 2200w Machine Size 1000x700x1680 Machine Weight 300Kg Application Apparel, Beverage packing machine, Chemical, Foodpacking machine,rice packing machine Machinery & Hardware, Textiles   Applications:  Liquid/Jam: detergent, cleaning solvent,yellow wine, soy sauce,Juice,beverage, tomato paste,Peanut paste, chili sauce etc.       Company InformationWhy choose us?1.OEM Experiences above 10 Years In Belt Industry.2.Factory Manufacturing Enterprise Provide with you Competitive Price and superior quality.3. Have stable supply chain which can gurante our product quality and prompt delivery.4.Our Domestic Sales with top ranking among Taobao and Tmall.Most network shop to be our Agent.5.Trial Order small quantity for retail and wholesale are accepted.6. Fully equipped with advanced machinesRead More →

Name Semiauto Weighing & Filling Machine Model DDKG–1000 Volume 30—1000g Precision ±1% Capacity 15-30/min Voltage AC110V or AC220V or AC380V Power 300W Bodyshell Stainless steel G.W. 200Kg. Dimension L710*W810*H1800mm Function Page 1 This machine equipped with electromagnetic vibrative weighers, and controlled by micro computer, whole stainless steel structure. The filling volume can be adjusted conveniently. This machine can weigh and fill various granular products, such as, detergent powder, salt, sugar, coffee, sand, beans, peanuts, grains, etc.    Read More →

 Product DescriptionApplication:This machine is mainly used in steel plants,recyling companies,waste recovery and metal refining industry, suitable for scrap metal, waste paper/cardboard, plastic  and old material baling. By this way, the costs of transportation and refining can be reduced. It also make the transportation easier and faster. There are 8 grade vertical hydraulic baling machine, from 30T to 350T. And we can design and produce the machine as your requirements.The best Selling of this type machine:300T,250T,200T,150T,120T Technical Parameters: Outside dimension 3600x1500x1300mm Tank dimenion 1050x700x1000mm Weight 4T Motor power 11kw valve rod diameter Φ120 valve rod pushing distance 1.2m Packaging & ShippingPackaging:host nude packing, parts can be in wooden cases, orRead More →

   Computer Plastic Tensile Testing Equipment  Product DescriptionThis series of Tensile Tester is widely used in wires & cables, hardware, metal, rubber, footwear, leather, apparel, fabric, tape paper products, pharmacy and so on, for tensile strength, tear resistance, peel strength, bend strength, shear force , ect with different fixtures according to national and international standards customer required.This machine is a kind of electric tensile tester which uses the motor to drive ball screw to move fixture. Place the fixture with sample between the upper and lower fixture, use a given speed to pull sample upward by upper fixture. Load cell above upper fixture will senseRead More →

High quality Good price  Digital Binoculars   0.3 Mega pixel  1.3 Mega pixel  5 Mega pixel   Camera  0.3 Mega pixel   1.3 Mega pixel  5 Mega pixel Resolution 1280*900 Distance  >15m Screen  LCD888 Ram/ROM   Recording medium  SD Card Video function  single,three shoot,10seconds time taken,continuous photography  PC Port   USB1.1  Battery  Two AAA alkaline batteries  Size/Weight  118*100*42(cm)  270g  Adapt to tripod  Yes  Eyecups  Fold down  BUTTON  DESCRIPTIONSThe MODE button has three functions:1 Power on: Press and hold the button until the camera turns on. When zhe camera is connected to a PC via the USB cable provided,the camera will power on automatically.2.Power off: While the camera is on,Read More →