home care portable automatic ambulatorial blood pressure test equipment with CE approved     Product Description    Key features:1. Large LCD size :47x39mm with digit height 14mm;2. 2×90 groups memory function;3. Average calculating for the latest 3 times measurement value;4. Blood pressure classification (WHO) indicator;5. Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator;6. Year/month/date/time function;7. Automatic power-off in 3 minutes;8.  Medical CE approval, RoHs, REACH, PAHs, Phthalates compliance.       PARAMETER SPECIFICATION Display LCD digital display Measuring principle Oscillometric method Measuring localization Wrist Measurement range Pressure  0~299mmHg ( 0~39.9kPa) Pulse     40~199 pulses/min Accuracy Pressure  +/-3mmHg (+/-0.4kPa) Pulse     +/-5% of reading LCD indication Pressure 3 digits display of mmHg Pulse 3 digits display Symbol Memory/Heartbeat/Low battery Memory function 2×90 sets memory of measurement values Power source 2 pcs AAA alkaline battery DC 3V; Automatic power off In 3 minutes Main unit weight Approx.122g(batteries not included) Main unit size L73mm x W65mm x H65mm Main unit lifetime 10,000 times under normal use Battery life Could be used for 300 times for normal condition Accessories Instruction manual, storage box Operatingenvironment Temperature 5~40C Humidity 15%~85%RH Air pressure 86kPa~106kPa Storage environment Temperature  -20C~55C ,Humidity :10% ~85%avoid crash, sun burn or rain during transportation.    Packaging & Shipping Package content:1 x blood pressure monitor device (not included batteries )1 x storage box1 x English instruction manual Within 3-5 working days after sample order confirmed. Our Services    1 ).  Competitive Price &  High Quality. 2 ).  OEM / ODM order are warmly welcome. 3 ).  Excellent Service & on time delivery. 4 ).  We own the best after-sale service, if any problems happenRead More →

Automatic Beverage Bottle Filling Machine  This Full Automatic bottle filling machine with following specification:1.Applicable bottle type plastic bottle. PET bottle (the customer offers the sample). Diameter: ¢50-¢80mm Height: 160-320mm2.Applicable cap type plastic cap, metal cap (the customer offer the sample)3. Method of changing speed: frequency conversion4.Power of unscramble motor 0.37Kw5.Supply pressure of rinsing water: >0.06Mpa<0.2Mpa Main features 1. This machine has a compact structure, perfect control system, easy to operate and highly automated. 2. The parts contact with product is made of quality SUS, anti-corrosive, and easy to clean. 3. By adopting high speed filling valve, the liquid level is precise and no waste. That guarantees the demand of filling technology. 4. The capping head adopts constant torque magnetic device to guarantee capping quality and impact cap. 5. This machine has a high efficient cap arranging system, perfect cap feeding and protection device. 6. Equipped with perfect clean management system to ensure the bottleRead More →

 Semi automatic Beer Filling MachineThis machine is used for filling beer to glass bottle, PET bottle and cans. We use the special beer filling valve specially for beer, two time vacuum in order to avoid the oxidation of beer. After filled, the beer is as fresh as the beer in the fermentation tank. The material of the machine is stainless steel 304. The outside and inside of pipeline, tank, valve are mirror polished. There is no dead angle in the beer filling valve and beer tank. We install CIP washing pipeline in the machine. It is very easy to wash and maintain the machine.        Read More →

   Product Description   HCR-200 high pressure common rail system fuel injection pump and injector test bench can1.Test the fuel metering unit’s performance, highest pressure, start pressure,     pressure holding performance and efficiency. 2.Test the oil delivery pump’s oil suction pressure, oil supply pressure, interCommon rail test benchnal  pressure of pump body.  3.Test the EDC-U2 system(HP0) of DENSO.4.Test leakage, backflow, pilot injection, cranking , medium oil quantity, maximum load oil quantity, atomization quality, solenoid performance of common rail injectors produced by BOSCH,DENSO,DELPHI,SIEMENS,CATERPILLAR.5.Display the solenoid’s fault state in real time. 6.Do high pressure cleaning for common rail injector.                                Model               HCR-200                 Usage Test performance of common rail pump and common rail injector .                Drive system (1)3-phase 4-pole asynchronous motor(2) AC frequency-changing driving(3) shaft-coupling complies ISO4008/1 standard.(4)Speed range: 0-3500RPM     Oil supply system (1)   Oil pump: 0.75kw , 6L/MIN(2)   Oil temperature adjuster: include temperature sensor, heater, radiator and filter (≤5μm)(3)   Volume of oil tank: 50L(4)   Fuel type: ISO4113                 Testable common rail pump BOSCH CP1/CP2/CP3/CB18 common rail pump DENSO HP0/HP3/HP4 common rail pump  DELPHI common rail pump SIEMENS common rail pump  The highest pressure is up to 1800 Bar.                   Test  instrument  (1) Compulsory oil supply pressureRead More →

Juice Filling Machine1, Model:RXGF24-24-82, Capacity: 8000-10000B/H (500ml PET standard bottle)3, Material: The material which contact directly with the liquid is the SUS304 (Food grade), made in china. 4, The 3-in-1 is mainly used to fill juice, tea and some yogurt beverage.5, Characteristic:5.1,The all machine applies bottle handling technical and the filling valves go up-down when filling, which make sure the bottle filling goes stable, reliable during high speed. The bottle handling technical also make the different bottle changing easily without changing too many accessories.5.2, This machine uses new generation stainless steel spring washing clips and the clips do not contact the upside of bottle screwRead More →

Automatic cellophane packaging machine  Specifications: 1.made as order cellophone packing machine 2.Servo motor system3.ISO9001-2008 4.CE certificate    Product Features:1.The cellophane automatic packing machine adopts PLC and  large touch screen .2.Dual frequency conversion makes the operation easy and simple.3.Bag length can be set and cut in one step, saving time and film.4.The packing process is anti-moisture,dustproof and anti-forging. 5.Adopts self fault diagnosis syatem and display  packing faults clearly.6. Photo cell color tracing with high sensitivity, showing the cutting and sealing position more accurately.7.Position stop function, without sticking knife or wasting film.8.Suitable for various package sizes.9.Reasonable and construct design, easy to operate and maintain.   Read More →

Fungal Identification Kit (Carbon Assimilation) 1.High sensitivity and accuracy2.High specificity and precision3.medical lab test equipment 4.Fungus Identification Test  Fungal Identification Kit is a system for the identification of the most frequently encountered yeasts. The species which are possible to be identified with this kit are listed in the identification Table at the end of the package insert. [Summary] Yeast-like fungus is widely distributed in nature. It infests in all parts of human body as normal flora. While one's immunity lows down, it will endogenous or prone to opportunistic infections. As to the widely misuse of antibiotics and immunosuppressants in these years and the popularity of organ transplantationRead More →

Semi-auto Bag Filler Model No GZ-F-01A Feature: 1.It is available for any solid and powder product bag filling with check weight system,normally. 2.it will be combined with our existing mixer system, and available bag volume ranges  from 5Kg to 35Kg. 3. Quality and delivery time guaranteed.  4. High/Steady quality, best price, good service.   Customized according to the customer request !!!   Call/email now for a quick response to your application questions.   For more details, please feel free to contact us.    Read More →

MAIN PROPERTIES AND CONSTRUCTIONS 1. This machine is of simple construction ,operation and reliable running and easy maintenance .2. The spiral meter adopted spiral screw rod to feed ,servo motor to code.Moreover the microcomputer controller is its unique property .it is integrated coder and controller .3. It features sensitive action ,lower noise ,regular running ,fast counting and higher precision . APPLICABLE RANGE      This machine is applicable for packaging the foodstuff ,pharmaceutics ,chemicals ,agricultural chemicals,as well as the granules with little viscosity. it is applicable for packaging the food additive ,milk powder ,bean milk powder ,protein powder ,traditional Chinese medicine powder ,facial cream powder ,tea powder ,oatmealRead More →

Anamorphic PrismsMaterical:Bk7 or ZnSe  Demension Tolrance:+0.0,-0.1mmDeviation:+/-2 arc"  Anamorphic Prisms The Anamorphic prisms are used in pairs to magnify input beam size along one axis while leaving the other axis unchanged. The elliptical laser diode beams can be transfered into nearly circular beams.By adjusting the orientation of prisms(α1 and α2), the magnification range from 2x to 6x. Specifications    Material: Optical glass Dimensional tolerance: ±0.02mm Surface quality: 60-40 S/D Surface flatness: λ/4at 632.8nm Bevel: Protective bevel Typical angle: θ=29°27' Angular tolerance: 3'~3"Read More →