CCT Chroma Meter for LED Light Test Equipment,Best Prices Pocket Portable Spectrometer,Colori Meter with 10cm Integrating Sphere Product DescriptionDigital Pocket Chroma Meter  Chroma-2 It meets the high surface brightness quality control requirements of energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, LED and other products manufacturers. Measure Parameters: CCT, Chromaticity Coordinate(x,y,u,v)Display range: 1500K~25000K (Resolution: 1K)Accuracy: 0.5%F.S.Luminance test function (lx test)Range of wavelength: 380nm~780nm ( visible sight) Accuracy of wavelength: ±0.5nm; repeatability: ±0.2nm Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate: ±0.003 (Resolution: 0.0001) Power supply: 3.7V Li-Battery Size: (Width * Height * Depth) 90mm * 180mm * 48mm Weight: approximate 1kg Communicate the PC via RS-232, the English software can be run inRead More →

AWD104 Salt Content Tester For Crude Oil(Electrometric Method)Conforms to ASTM D3230   Petroleum Testing Equipment •Accessories No. Description Note Unit Qty 1 Certification & Manual   Copy 1 Each 2 Main Part   Set 1 3 Supporter   Set 1 4 Holder   Set 2 5 Fuse 10A Pcs 2 6 Extractor   Pcs 1 7 Triangle Bottle 250ml Pcs 1  •Packing Information Catalog Number Dimension     (L×W×H) (mm) Net Weight (Kg) Gross Weight (Kg) Materials of Package AWD-104 535×400×700 5.5 15 Treated Wooden Package  •Ordering Information Catalog Number Product Description Electrical Requirements AWD-104 Salt Content Tester For Crude Oil(Electrometric Method) AC220V±10%  50HZ    Read More →

Juice plastic bottle labeller / Small labeling machine / Manual packaging machine for round bottles  Product Advantage: 1. Suitable for labeling the cylinders at 30-280 mm diameter . 2. The machine works by hand without electricity . 3. Heavy-Duty metal construction . 4. The transparent label is also suitable for the machine .  Technical Parameter: 1. Diameter of bottles : 30-280mm . 2. The width of label : 10-210mm, Length: unlimited . 3. G.W : 20 kg . 4. Qty Per Package : 1 pcs .  Applied Range: 1. Pressure-sensitive adhesive labels on Round bottle, Cans, Jars and other cylinders . 2. Suitable for roundRead More →

Air Cushion BB Cream Vacuum MachineMachine parameters:Dimensions:450 (L) * 500 (W) * 1350 (H) MMTable size:810mm highPower source:220V 50HZ 2 phasePower:100WWeight:25KGAir pressure:1-1000kpaCapacity: 2 boxes BB cream probably 1-3S, depend on the speed and proficiency of the employee to decide. 8 hours yield probably about 20,000.Mechanical profile:Air cushion BB cream vacuum machine is the use of vacuum method of liquid BB cream in the cotton, can effectively improve the speed of production, Reduce secondary pollution. Use upper and lower molds are fixed to the machine, a style product can produced only a pair of mold and the mold installation is easy.According to the operation conditions orRead More →

Mic Machinery semi automatic tube filling sealing machine mayonnaise filling machine 45 piece per min with CE aprove Product Description Tube filling machine general information Semi automatic semi automatic tube filling sealing machine Certificates of CE and SGSFilling capacity 10-45pcs/minFor different speed from 10-150gFilling Aluminuin tubesSuitable for small cosmetics tube filling and sealing plantEconomic tube filling machine Suitable tube informationTube volume: 10-150gTube material: metal tubesTube height: 80-200mmTube mouth diameter: 20-35mm       Machine parameters (filling and sealing, semi automatic) (Only for reference) Working position 16 Machine body Stainless steel 304 Filling type Normal pressure filling Filling capacity 10-45pcs/min Filling volume 10-150g Voltage 220V 50Hz  Air consumption 1.0m3/h   Tube materialRead More →

High quality Unique vacuum suction pen AIR PIT for optical instrument field, precision work & work efficiency Made in Japan Now we are proud of introducing well-established reliable manufacturer MIRUC OPTICAL CO.,LTD.   All their products are made in Japan.They are honest, sincere and reliable  manufacturer since 1963.  Please take their excellent and high-quality products! Product DescriptionAIR PIT One-touch Air Pit is an advanced vacuum pickup instrument that is widely used in many industries, ranging through semiconductors, electronics, precision instrumentation, optics, clocks and watches and precious metals, etc. It is particularly powerful in the handling, inspection and assembly of parts and components and products, and is a valuable support tool in detailedRead More →

Wire and Cable HDT/Vicat Softening Point Testing EquipmentProduct name:    Wire and Cable HDT/Vicat Softening Point Testing Equipment Product type:         HDT/VICAT Product introduction:It is used to measure the HDT and vicat softening point temperature.Product features:     •It adopts high digital dial gauge or displacement sensor as the sample deformation measurement element, which has the features of high precision and high stability, can fully assure the veracity of data.     •The union lever and load beam of the sample holder are made of the low expansion alloy, which can reduce the deformation of the sample holder to the least to improve the veracity of test results.     •The function of sample holder’s automatic go up and down and the adopting of the linear motor brings strong loading capacity and steady operation   .•It has water cooling and nature cooling methods, all depends on customers’ demands.•Powerful functions, friendly interface, and convenient operation.     •It has multiply safe protection device, which can ensure the safety of testing equipment and operation staff.Application industry   Measurement and quality inspection, wire and cable, rubber and plastics, high education institutions, scientific research laboratory,  commodity inspection arbitration and technical inspection department, building materials and tube materials, petrochemical industry and other fields.Technical parameter: Temperature control range: room temperature~300℃ Temperature precision: ±0.5℃ Uniformity heating rate: A speed: 5±0.5℃/6min  B speed: 12±1.0℃/6min Working medium: silicone oil or transformer oil (self-prepared by customers) Deformation measurement range: >10mm Deformation resolution: 0.001mmSample holder number: 3 or 6Load: 1 vicat load: GA=10N±0.2N  GB=50N±1N  2 HDT bending normal stress:Method one: use fiber stress 1.80 M paMethod two: use fiber stress 0.45 M paMethod three: use fiber stress 8.00 M pa  Our company      Kunlun instrument (China) limited,was founded in 2006 years,our factory in Dongguan City Guangdong Province,is a high-tech enterprise that specified in developing and manufacuring all kinds of testing machine.More than 8 years,Kunlun always insisted on the road  of independent innovation and R&D. By virtue of the leading product technology and perfect quality system, good quality services and productions meeting ASTM, JIS, ISO, IEC, UL, GB and other standards. The trade showRead More →

High quality Good price  Digital Binoculars   0.3 Mega pixel  1.3 Mega pixel  5 Mega pixel      Camera  0.3 Mega pixel   1.3 Mega pixel  5 Mega pixel Resolution 1280*900 Distance  >15m Screen  LCD888 Ram/ROM   Recording medium  SD Card Video function  single,three shoot,10seconds time taken,continuous photography  PC Port   USB1.1  Battery  Two AAA alkaline batteries  Size/Weight  118*100*42(cm)  270g  Adapt to tripod  Yes  Eyecups  Fold down  BUTTON  DESCRIPTIONSThe MODE button has three functions:1 Power on: Press and hold the button until the camera turns on. When zhe camera is connected to a PC via the USB cable provided,the camera will power on automatically.2.Power off: While the camera is on,Read More →

Super quality dichroic filters 808nm is for optical instruments Kunming Yulong Optical&Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufactures of optical coatings and optical filters processing in China. Top one Astronomical Interference Optical Narrow Bandpass Filters manufacturer in China,Third in the world. We have passed SGS ROHS and ISO9001.Interference Optical Narrow Bandpass Filters are used to selectively transmit a portion of the well-defined spectrum while rejecting all unwanted wavelengths. Our Interference filters provide better transmission, steeper cut on and cut off slopes, greater blocking, and increased durability.  808 Bandpass Filter Overview: Filter Advantages:1) Suitable for sunlight and other bright light interference work;2) Transmittance up to 90%, and the optical signal attenuation rate is small, effectively improve the working distance and light intensity; 3) Can be directly coating or glue in the infrared transmittance glass by the visible light, rapidly increase the cutoff rate. And to ensure that working in large angle,and short wavelength shift phenomenon reduction.4) More than 10 years’ experience in the production of optical filter, imported coating machine to produce, IAD ion assisted deposition technology and to ensure that the lowRead More →

optical instruments plane transmission grating Product Description   Product Description   Transmission GratingsTransmission Gratings are designed to disperse incident light at specific angles. Angular dispersion is a function of angle of incidence and groove spacing. Dispersion increases as angle of incidence increases or as groove spacing decreases. Coarse groove spacing maintains high efficiency while fine groove spacing reduces transmission at long wavelengths resulting in low efficiency.Transmission gratings can be used in teaching spectrometer or as beam splitters. We can replicate transmission gratings from almost any of our plane reflection gratings. The groove densities of transmission gratings including 100L/mm, 200l/mm, 300l/mm, 500l/mm and 1000l/mm are often used.IfRead More →