Product OverviewsShanghai Jieyi Packing Technology Co., Ltd. has been specialized in dealing with inflatable air cushion packaging systems since 2007. Our products are widely used in suitcase and electronic instrument fillers, express and logistics, internet and television shopping, engine part distribution, protecting model display props, art ware, gifts, electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and any other products that you ship.   Quality is the soul of an enterprise,so  we take quality as our culture.We can provide high quality and best factory price .We think our products will give you an edge over you competitors!With us your monmey in safe your business in safe! AGE AIR Cushion Machine We have 2 types ofRead More →

SV-5Q car emission gas analyzer  Ⅰ. Main Thechnical Parameters   Measurement Range CO 0~10×10-2 (%)vol  CO2 0~20×10-2 (%)vol  HC 0~10000×10-6 (ppm)vol   O2 0~25×10-2 (%)vol NO 0~40000×10-6 (ppm)vol   Indication Error   Absolute error Relative error CO ±0.06×10-2(%)vol ±5% CO2 ±0.5×10-2(%)vol ±5% HC ±12×10-6 vol ±5% O2 ±0.1×10-2(%)vol ±5% NO ±25×10-6 vol ±4% Preheating Time 10 min.(3 min. warm-up for fast measurement) Environmental condition Temperature -5~40 centigrade Humidity no more than 85% Atmospheric pressure 86~106kPa Power AC 220V±10%; 50 Hz±1Hz Gross Weight 15kg Packing Size 610*500*330mm            Ⅱ. Main Function:  1. Used to measure the concentration of HC, CO, CO2, O2, NO in the Automobile Exhaust Gas.  2. Two kinds of test function: General and Two-speed idle 3. FullRead More →

 HS-1012B Energy Meter Clock Test EquipmentTechnical Specification HS-1012 clock tester is a kind of testing device to measure the time accuracy of multi-rate electronic watt-hour meter. It is embedded with high-precision time crystal oscillator, can be used separately to measure the time accuracy of a watt-hour meter, or be used along with the watt-hour meter testing device manufactured by Shengdi Electrical to measure the time accuracy of a watt-hour meter. Main Features 1.Second pulse accuracy measurement 2.Crystal oscillation frequency accuracy measurement 3.Switched display between data error and second error 4.Equipped with RS232 interface 5.Equipped with controllable output frequency and output channel for easy function extension of this testing device 6.Power pulse output functionRead More →

optical instruments holographic transmission gratings Product Description   Product Description   Transmission GratingsTransmission Gratings are designed to disperse incident light at specific angles. Angular dispersion is a function of angle of incidence and groove spacing. Dispersion increases as angle of incidence increases or as groove spacing decreases. Coarse groove spacing maintains high efficiency while fine groove spacing reduces transmission at long wavelengths resulting in low efficiency.Transmission gratings can be used in teaching spectrometer or as beam splitters. We can replicate transmission gratings from almost any of our plane reflection gratings. The groove densities of transmission gratings including 100L/mm, 200l/mm, 300l/mm, 500l/mm and 1000l/mm are often used.IfRead More →

feeding paperboard specification :Adopt the world most advanced leading –edge feeding paperboard system , feeding paperboard device has high precision . feeding speed is high, the feeding paperboard roller has long life , feeding speed is 10000piece per hour, the precision is +0.5mm or -0.5mm. Adopt CNC computer control the phase , can be adjusted 360 degree, fast and accuracy. Manual adjust the front baffle. Side baffle be adjusted by CNC. The paper guide roller groove plastic surface, prevent damage the strength of the paperboard, increase the feeding paperboard accuracy. Pushing paperboard device , and the slider for rigid aluminum alloy material, lightweight wear-resistant.  rotaryRead More →

 Product Description         Electric adjustable table is a multi functional table used to lay slit lamp, keratometer, Auto Refractometer and so on.·Electric work table is made of imprted meterials and absorb the foreign advanced technology. Featuring with fine appearance, safety and credibility of operation system.Its load capacity can reach 75 kg at most. It is easy and convenient to move the table..Power requirement:110/220V, 50/60Hz·If features with aesthetic appearance of outline, satisfactory performance of manipulation, safety and credibility of operation, its load capacity can perform 150kg to the utmost  Read More →

High quality sand testing equipment for you is best Product Description   Taicheng VSI artificial sand making machine (Sand-Making Machine) is one of the most advanced sand-making equipments in the world and is further improved after introducing German Bamaque technology. Taicheng VSI artificial sand making machine is especially suitable for sand making and stone reshaping and is generally used in third crushing. It is a perfect combination of unique rotor structure design, wear-resisting technology, crushing speed optimization and hydraulic design.   Usage of sand testing equipment1.It is used for producing building aggregate,concrete,aggregate for road surface and roadbed,asphalt concrete and cement concrete.2.It is also used for sand makingRead More →

Water Filling machine with 3-in-1,Full Automatic 1.SpecificationsAutomacit corn oil filling machine 1.Product: water2.Bottle: PET 3.PLC control, touch screen, SS3042.Water filling machine  product descriptionThis series of automatic filling machine, widely used for food field, oil and viscous liquids, like washing liquid, not only can be used seperately and also can be linked to production lines. This filler series is the most reliable and advanced in present home field.  3.Water filling machine  features: 1. Adopting plunger-style metering pump and phenumatic-control stainless steel valves to fill, suitable for filling various viscous liquids. 2. Phenumatic-control injection pump is convenient to adjust filling dosage accurately, with high filling precision. 3. With high-position liquid storage,Read More →

Paste filling machineFEATURES1.  semi-automatic piston type filling machine for PASTE 2. Filling  speed  and volume can be adjusted..3. Easy to operate, with high accuracy, simple to maintain and clean.4. Normally adopt Airtac brand, also can choose FESTO,5. Can set manual or automatic mode.6. With good structure, easy to removal & installation.7. Material contact part with SUS316, Structure of the material SUS3048. With excellent design, with platform and small structure to save installation space.APPLICATION mainly used for paste and viscosity products, such as pesticide, medicine, toothpaste, foods chocolate jam, cream), chemical glass adhesive, lubricant and special industrial paste SERIES Type  Filling Range Filling Accuracy (%) Filling Speed(pcs/min) Air supplyL/min PowerSupply Dimension(mm) Weight BMM/SAPT100 10-100g ±1 10-35 88  AC110V/220V /380v 50HZ/60HZ  950x260x650 26kg BMM/SAPT 250 30-250g ±1 10-35 113 950x260x730 28kg BMM/SAPT /500 100-500g ±1 10-35 230 1030x260x775 31kg BMM/SAPT /1000 200-1000g ±1 10-35 335 1150*260*800 33kg BMM/SAPT /2000 500-2000g ±1 10-35 335 1250x260x850 40kg BMM/SAPT /5000 1000-5000g ±1 5-15 415 1450x260x900 55kg  Vertical type BMM-SAPV MODEL, all the Parameters are the same, it is only add a stents , can be reference Read More →