Automatic Pe Film Shrink Packing MachineMachine Characteristics1. Specially designed for the full automatic packaging production line of beer, beverage, pure water, fruit juice, dairy products, etc. 2. With full automatic functions of bottle transferring and     arrange, membrane packing ,sealing and cutting, shrinking ,cooling and shaping, etc. 3. Using advanced constant temperature membrane heat binding technology in the world with clear and secure seal. 4. The quick seal cooling structure guarantees that the seal has a higher strength even if under high speed production condition. 5. Adopted with PLC automatic program circulation control with stable and reliable performance. 6. The original imported guide bar cylinder guarantees correctRead More →

Picture of bottle filling line:    Bottle filling line features:  1, This production line collected washing, filling, capping, shrink labeling, and shrink packing machines together, and it is suitable for kinds of water and beverage production, like mineral water, juice, tea, carbonated drink, simultaneously only changing some spare parts, then it can be used in other drinking water production line.  2, We adopt advanced normal pressure gravity for filling, and the filling effect is fast, steady, and accurate. And equipped with the material recirculating system, it can independently return air when backflow not contact with material and avoiding second pollution and oxidation.   3.The whole productionRead More →

No Difficult Products to Test in the World!!!  Chinese Optical Instrument VMS-3020E   Function: 1. Double closed-loop motion control, embedded modules developed to control motor with precise positioning performance. 2.Surface light formed by 24 groups independent light source , each group are constant current source driver and 200-step continuous variable. 3. It can measure point, line, circle, arc and oval, rectangular with the multi-point positioning function,combination of measurements, center structure and the intersection of structure, the midpoint of construction, line structure, a round structure. 4. It has various functions of data processing, display, input and output, Measurement data output Word,Excel and AutoCAD directly to conduct statistical analysis,particularly, the work pieceRead More →

 Product Description  Warranty for Two Years!!!2015 NEW!!! AU-300RP , AU-120RP Original Factory Rubber and Plastic Electronic Digital Density Meter Price,Density Testing Equipment Application:rubber,plastic,tyre,shoe materials,macromolecule,composite materials,elastic materials,conveyer belt,transmission belt,soft synthetic leather,leather,new materials researching laboratory. This product is the new upgrade multi-function density measurement instrument,which has been researched and developed for a long time;It has the function of reading density value instantly,also the abrasion loss of relative volume,DIN,ARI,AKRON,expansion rate,change rate of quality and volume can be displayed.this machine has been applied widely and covered the whole rubber plastic industrial chain. There are three different measuring mode:density measuring M mode;abrasion loss,expansion rate,density measurement D mode;water absorption,quality and volume change rate measurement L mode.Available measuring project and standard:Density of rubber,plastic and tyre;change rateRead More →

                      Operating microscope   HD-SXE-1  Product Description  Operation microscope can be widely used in medical optical instrument microsurgical operation and animal experiment. Anastomosis is mainly used in the Department of orthopedics, surgery, plastic surgery and obstetrics and gynecology surgical operation microscope in the micro blood vessels and nerves, but also can be used for microsurgical animal experiment, medical equipment is cheap a microsurgical field.Operation Features                                                                                        Large  Objective:                       f’=200  f’=200Operation  Distance(mm):     192.74  249.84Magnification (X):                     10          8Viewing Field(mm):                27.5      34.4 Technical parameters Eyepiece magnification: 12.5XFocal length: 200mmThe working distance: 192.74mmThe primary mirror magnification: 10XDiopter adjustment range: 5DThe interpupillary distance adjustment range:Read More →

auto refractometer  Vetex Distance(vd):         0.0,12.0,13.75mm Sphere Power(SPH):     -20.00~+20.00D(in case of VD=12mm) Cylinder Power(CYL):       0.00~±10.00D(0.12/0.25D Unit) Axis(AX):                        1~1800 (10 Unit) Cylinder Form:                -,+,MIX Pupil Distance(PD):         10~80mm Minimum Pipul Diameter:  2.00mm Radius of Curvature:          5.0~10.2mm(Increments:0.01mm) Corneal Power :               33.00~67.50D(When corner equivalent refractive                                       index is 1.337;0.05/0.12/0.25D unit)                                      (Increments selectable from 0.12,0.25D) Corneal astingmatism:      0.0~-15.00D                                        (Increments selectable from 0.12,0.25D) Axis:                               1~180°(Increments:1°)   Corneal Diameter :            2.0~14.0mm(Increments:0.1mm) Memory of Data:              10 measure value for each right and left eye Internal printer :                Uses thermal line printer   Monitor:                           5.7-inch color TFT LCD monitor   Operation :                      Temperature:+10 to +35°C                                        Humidity:30 to 75%RH                                        AtmosphericRead More →

CR-NT815B common rail injector test bench: Main technical parameters:  Rated output power  11.15KW  Oil pump rotation speed   0-4000rpm Test rang of rail pressure    0-2000bar Test precision of rail pressure  ±0.5Mpa Test precision of flow sensor  0.3% Temperature of test oil  40±2°C Filter precision of test oil  less than 5μ Capacity of heavy tank  80L Measuring rang of flow sensor  0.008-2L/min           Aggregate weight 1000KG  Functions:Full-automatically detect injection volume, return volume, pump chamber pressure, oil supply pressure, sealing performance of diverse common-rail oil pump, performance of measuring unit ZME control valve, and provide import flow sensor for monitoring flow, pursuant to initial data, judge whether single index and overallRead More →

  8×40 KW28 Binoculars&Telescope Optical Instruments Used        Model                                    7X40 KW28                        Size(cm) 18*6*14.5 Color black Material metal,optical glass Plating membrane light blue,lavender,light brown Magnification 8X Diameter of objective lens 40mm View angle(degrees) 8.2 The exit pupil diameter 5mm The exit pupil distance 12mm N.G 740g OEM Accepted      Read More →

 Product DescriptionThe series equipment is used in producing all kinds of soda drink contained with polyester bottle.Washing, filling,sealing can be carried out on the same machine. The design of the machine is scientific and reasonable. The appearance is beautiful and the function is complete. Its operation and maintenance is convenient. Its automation is high.The advanced technology from Germany and Italy are employed. The speed of filling is fast and the liquid amount is controlled accurately. The filling device can be stopped automatically when there is no bottle or bottles are damaged. The advanced auto-washing technology is used in the system. Pneumatic valve and damped gearsRead More →