DESCRIPTION OF filling and packaging machine Process flow chart: Air conveyor  usage: the air conveyor is used to convey the PET bottle into the filling machine, hanging the neck of the PET bottle. Can connect with bottle blow moding machine, which making PET bottle.Main parameter:1) Model: FS-122)     Material: Stainless steel SUS304, made in china3)     Length: 12m4)     Manner of bottle inputting: Bottle handling with air delivering.5)     Power of motor: 3.3KW2.Washing Filling and Capping 3 in 1 monoblockUsage: CGF series washing, filling and capping 3-in-1 unit is used for filling kinds of carbonated drink into bottles. In one machine, it can finish washing, filling and capping three processes. PrimaryRead More →

portable small scale bottle water filling machine for sale  F6-1200Product Description  FeaturesAdopt Airtac Pneumatic components from Taiwai, full pneumatic drive does not need electrical power, safety explosion-proof type, simple operation, high filling accuracy;All stainless steel machine frame, the machine body using 201 stainless steel, and use food grade of 304 stainless steel material contact parts of the machine, comply with the food safety; the material contact parts can optional 304 or 316 stainless steel;Stainless steel valve system design;Piston type filling, can be operated by a foot pedal or by automatic timer, quick release nozzle and feed pipe, could transfer between semi-auto or automatic;Filling volume, filling speedRead More →

3.0MP CMOS Digital Microscope Camera The CMOS Digital Microscope Camera has a advanced software to help you finish various work, the adantage compare to other's:Fit to C-mount photograph tube or 23.2mm,30mm,30.5mm ocularCS/C-mount thread on camera body or reduction lensCapture video or imagesSupport Windows XP/Vista/7/8Fully video parameter control and real-time processing of video, include contrast, saturation, gamma, clarity, automatic white balance (AWB),automatic exposure,flip horizontal, flip vertical, grayscale, emboss, sharpen,..etcSupport real-time and Static image measurement (line, angle, circle, rectangle, Irregular polygon, manual accounting)You can use your own software or other software like Amcap to capture image or video on computerIn order to increase the field of view, weRead More →

  L102 Binocular Head Biological Optical Instrument Of Microscope  Standard Fitting:   1. Achromatic objective : 10X,40X ( spring ),100X( spring,oil )  2. Eyepiece : wide field eyepieces WF10X,(WF16X or H16X optional)        3. Viewing head : binocular with video teaching head 4. Nosepiece : triple    5. Stage : plain stage with slide clips      6. Focusing : coaxial coarse and fine adjustment , focusingr range  20mm 7. Condenser : N.A=0.65 Abbe condenser &Iris diaphragm  8. Illumination : electric light source: LED (incandescent lamp optional)     9.  Power : AC Input 220V or 110V, DC output 6V                             configuration     Objecvive 10X,40X ( spring ),100X( spring,oil )    Eyepiece     Wide field eyepieces WF10X,(WF16X or H16X optional)       ViewingRead More →

 Product Description   soft  tube filling and sealing machine The model of FGF filling & sealing machine is suitable for the filling and end sealing. It is widely used in the packing of daily chemical, pharmaceuticals, foodstuff and chemical industries,such as ointment, adhesives, AB glue, skin cream, hair color, shoe polish, toothpaste etc. Technical parameters: Power supply: 220V/50Hz,380V/50Hz Air source: 0.6-0.8Mpa.Filling range: 20-300ml ( depend on your requirement )Filling precision:   ≤0.3% Filling speed: 35-80pcs/min.       The configure   Pneumatic components               AIRAC ,Germany   Checking object electrical eye         KEYENCE Servo motor                       PanasonicDriver server                      PanasonicFrequency converter                DanfossScram switch                      SCHENIDERMaterial  :                        stainless steel 316L    Our Services1) Warranty is 1year.2) Installation & debugging guideline3)10 years Maintenance technical support service4) Design & manufacture as per your local conditions5) we can send you spare part  free within one year .     Read More →

HGQH-C Transformer Test Bench Product Overview    The device tests more than one bit transformer device is the company to adapt to the modern transformer check the rapid and accurate development of the characteristics of a new generation of transformer test equipment. The device consists of HGQA-C transformer calibrator, FY98 load current and voltage transformer box, control cabinet, current transformers, special test bench, and several other components. In maintaining the technical characteristics of the original premise, the rapid measurement of the current transformer quickly locate the test points, and the load box, the transformer turns ratio coverage of various aspects has been greatly improved.Specifications Environmental conditionsRead More →

  Donghuayuan cooking and Packaging Machine Product Description  Model Capacity Power Dimensions Weight YJ13/2B-G+YB 13000mlx2 2600+1600w (1055+550) x550 x1300mm 70+50kg  Functions 1: Mechanical squeezing device to extract residual herbal liquid efficiently.2: Switchover between strong fire and slow fire.3: Decoction time can be set and automatic reminding function after decoction completed.4: Save time, long quality life.5: Improve medicine effect and taste life.6: Safety pressure-release valve. Double safety valve. Automatical alarm for over-pressure. Automatically release pressure and close.7: Display temperature.8: Equipped with packaging machine, packaging capacity is adjustable from 50-250ml. Packaging 7 dosages/ mimuites.9: Adopt digital controlling technology, easy to operate. Performance:1: Sliding lock, easy to operate2: Sealed decoction inRead More →

DCGF Seres Balanced Pressure 3-In-1 Unit Introduction of ProductionType DCGF three-in-one  set is used for aerated water filling. The machine combines washing, filling and cover spinning with complete automation, suitable for aerated water filling into polyester bottles and PET bottles. It can be used for all kinds of bottles. The bottleneck blocking makes the process of changing bottles easy by only adjusting the height of conveyor chain. The filling process adopts the micro-pressure technology, which makes filling process faster and more stable. Compared with other equipemnt of the same kind, this machine possesses a better quality and thus enjoys a high ratio of function against price. Main Technical Specifications Model DCGF18-18-6 DCGF24-24-8 DCGF32-32-12 DCGF40-40-15 DCGF50-50-18 Production Capacity(500ml) 5000-6000 6000-7000 8000-9000 10000 11000 Filling Precision ≤±5mm(Liquid surface position) Filling Pressure ≤0.4 PET Bottle Size Bottle diameter: φ50-φ100; Bottle height: 150-310 Suitable Cap Size Plastic Screw Cap Power(KW) 3.1 3.1 5.6 7.5 9 Weight(kg) 3500 4500 5500 9000 12000 Overall Dimension(mm) 2400x1900x2300 2800x2100x2300 4200x2300x2300 5000x2800x2400 5900x3100x2400Read More →

  KJ-8150 Plastic Films Foils Paper Coefficient of Friction Testing Equipment  UseCoefficient of friction tester is designed and manufactured to measure the static and kinetic coefficient of friction of plastic films, foils, paper, and other materials according to GB1006, ISO8295, ASTM D1894, and TAPPI T816. It is used widely in package industry to control the quality of packages and the speed of packing machines and etc. Characteristics:       1. Embedded-computer controls, LCD displays and test executed automatically;2. World famous force sensor of High accuracy;3. Specialized motor driver and smooth shifting;4. Co-current measuring of kinetic and static coefficient of friction and displaying force in real-time;5. High accuracy, high stability and ease of operate.6. Group test and intelligent data analysis, statistic;7. Supported by professional software installed in PC and communicated with RS232;8. Fine designed report format and detail report data; Technical parameters:1. Range: 3N 2. Accuracy: 0.5%3. Sliding distance: 100mm;4. Mass of sled: 200g5. Test velocity:100mm/min6. Ambient condition: temperature: 10ºC~40ºC, humidity: 20%RH~70%RH 7. Power:  AC220V50Hz/60Hz8. Dimension: 470(L)mm x 300(B)mm x 230(H)mm9. Net weight: 20kg Configuration:  Mainframe, specialized software, RS232 cable. Read More →

Features optometry combined table This unit was produced by using advanced technology and import material. good look and properties, safe and reliable . suit for computer and medical instruments. The chair electric power.  The arm can adjust phroptor from left to right.  The chart projector with bracket support Specification 1.Unit size: 900x600x710mm2.Table size:  900x500mm3.Drawer size: 540x380mm4.Arm up and down range: 200mm5.Chair up and down range: 170mm 6.Light: 20w7.Electric Voltage: 110V220V (60HZ/50HZ) 8.Power: 120w9.Weight:  60kgRead More →