Product Description  Specification:Products Show:  TH optics can supply standard and high-precision cylindrical lens, spherical lens, prism, aspherical lens, semi-finished blank lens in a variety of material, shapes, sizes, focal lengths and so on. If you can provide drawings and technical requirements of the respective products, we can also make the corresponding specifications and dimensions of the products in accordance with customer needs. Production Equipments: The Advanced Technology:   The Application:                           Stage light vidicon                           Camera lens, Digital Camera, Underwater Camera                            Telescope                           Fingerprint identify instrument                            Microscope            Read More →

 Product introduction:Semi automatic Aerosol Filling Machine has three parts: the first part is used for content bottler, the second part is used for crimper and the third part is used for propellant Bottler(booster pump included).The production line has found widespread application in such fields as pharmacy ,healthcare, automobile, environmental protection ,fighting and daily chemical, to fill such as mousse, air purifying  agent, pesticide, disinfector, fire extinguishing agent, carburetor cleanser and PU foam filler etc. The first part is used for content Bottler:Maximum filling capacity:20,50,100,200,400,600 mlThe bottler is suitable for all kinds of liquid media, including that of certain viscosity ad concentration (e.g., polyurethane forming agent).It has a good self-sucking capability.The second part is used for crimper:Size of aerosol valve to be adapted:1"Characteristic: It is liable in crimping quality and easy to adjust.The third part is used for propellant Bottler:             Maximum filling capacity:20,50,100,200,400,500 ml.This bottler is mainly used to fill propane, butane, freon , dimethyl ether , carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen , compressed air and 134a,etc .The  main seals are made of imputed material. Filling can be made with various valves. A large capacity booster pump is used for bidirectional pressurization. Therefore, filling is quick and metering is accurate. Production capacity:300-600 cans/hr. Technical parameter: model LH-GB filling volume 30-500ml(can be customerized) Filling accuracy ≤±1% can height 80-315mm can diameter 35-70mm capacity 1200-1600cans/hr      Spray cans filling machine, aerosol filler , aerosol can filling machine     Read More →

 Manufacturer and factory price for coffee capsule filling machine / Nespresso coffee capsule filling machine / coffee capsule filling sealing machine Product Description  Features of Coffee capsule filling machine 1. Design and program by ourselves Xiangyi Machinery has the core technology to build a good coffee capsule filling machine, we design and build machines by ourselves. So we can control machine quality by ourselves. 2. Good material use Our coffee casule filling machine use good raw materials, Stainless steel material and big brands of electrical and pneumatic parts. Just to guarantee high quality. 3. Custom-build service Xiangyi will custom-build every coffee capsule filling machine as per yourRead More →

YGX-P Sprayer filling machine and sealing machine:Main Technical Parameter Filling quantity: 10-100ml Tolerance of filling volume: ≤±1.5% Eligible rate of roll-cap: ≥98% Power supply: 220v 50Hz Power: 1kw Overall dimension: 1850Lx1100Wx1540H mm Production capacity: 50bottles/min_____________________________________________________________________Advantages of the production line  Easy operation, filled by ceramic pump or peristaltic pump  Simple structure, easy to clean, sterilize, no pollution  To set the filling quantity no need to stop machine  No bottle, no filling or auto stop  Available to set involution function to avoid dropping or leaking  Auto display function of couting, and freely to adjust the speed  Adopt the cylinder to press cap automatically  Can set the torque to cap, with advantage of stable capping and no looseness  Meet the GMP design requirementRead More →

 A integrating testing system for LED lamps, modules and other electric light sources of optical color and electric parameters measurement.Applicable object: tubes, bulbs, spotlight, project lamp, streetlight, tunnel lamp, etc (any LED light sources and modules). Test parameters: voltage, current, power, power factor, wavelength, luminous flux, light efficiency, chromaticity coordinates, color temperature, and CRI, etc.  Fixtures can be fexibly move in side with wide compatibility, which saves the cost. Different diameters of spheres are provided.  Rapid and steady measurement.  Support various LED lamps and single LED measurement. Self-developed core algorithm software: Easy to use. Data can be recorded and saved separately. Provide report analysis fuction for test parameters which is convenientRead More →

 DPB-400B Automatic Blister Packing Machine, Blister Packaging Machine, Blister Packing Machine Price Product Description1) Application:This machine is special designed for making kinder joy egg with chocolate, biscuit and toy automatically.  2) Working Process:  Plastic Sheet (PET/PVC/HIPS) Heating—-Egg Tray Thermoforming—Honey/Jam/Chocolate Filling —-Aluminum Foil/Plastic Film Hot-Sealing—Impress—Servo Traction— Cutting—Transport Final Product Out Automatically.  3) Main Technical Parameter:  Model DPB-400B Running Speed  20-30 cycles/min (If the forming height is more than 26mm, the speed will be lower) Max. Forming Area 400x180mm Max. Forming Depth 25mm (can desigend to 50mm) Stroke 40-180mm Air Pressure 0.4-0.6MPa Air Consumption 0.3m³/min Heating Power 2.5KW*3pcs=7.5KW Main Motor Power 2.2KW Lower Film Material (Rigid Film) PET, PVC, PS Sheet  Lower Film Material Thickness 0.15-0.5mm x 410mm Upper Film Material  Aluminum foil(PTP): 0.02-0.035mm x 410 Dialysis Paper: 50-100g x 410mm Upper Film Material Thickness 0.06-0.08mm Power Voltage 380V/50HZ Machine Dimension 4500x820x1600mm(L/W/H) Machine Weight 3000kg    Samples:Video Link: Information:  Read More →

Professional design oil analysis test equipmentProduct Application   The ST Fully-auto Portable BDV Dielectric Oil Tester provide repeatable, accurate measurement of breakdown voltage of insulating oils used in electrical equipment.    These versatile, lightweight yet rugged units have been designed for both field and laboratory use. The ST Fully-auto Portable BDV Dielectric Oil Tester adopt industrial SCM to control, which is applied to integrate circuit, new model I/0 connection, particular testing and anti-jamming technology which largely improve the machine’s capacity .Product Features 1.Zero Start" and test chamber interlock provision. 2.Window panel for test observation. 3.80 KV & 100 KV test cells for ASTM & IEC standards.Read More →

 Auto lensmeter lens meter optical instruments lensmeter digital auto lens meter in lenses auto lensmeter china DJD2600A Auto lensmeter lens meter optical instruments lensmeter digital auto lens meter in lenses auto lensmeter china DJD2600A with CE   Function touch and colorfrl LCD screen clearly shows status and results. Quick measurement and accurate results. Various Ienses measured available. Auto memory and auto screen save. Slim and compact design. Build-in printer.        built-in UV Build-in UV part                            front side   Specifications   Sphere  measuring range -25~+25D unit0.01/0.12/0.25D steps Cylinder measuring range -9.99~+9.99D unit0.01/0.12/0.25D steps Axis measuring range 0°~180° unit1° steps                                                    touching screen Add Bitmap measuring rangeRead More →

 Tea bag packing machine model DXDK-40WZM   It is suitable for automatically packaging of steeping products, such as fragmental tear medical tea, green tea, black tea, coffee, herbal tea etc.   Tea bag packing machine series      DXDK-40 model : single filter bag with no thread and no tag. DXDDC-10 model :single filter bag with thread . DXDDC-10A model : single filter bag with thread and tag . DXDK-100NWA  mode : inner filter bag and out plastic bag envelop. DXDK-100NWD model : inner filter bag and out plastic bag wrapped (inner bag with tag and thread).  DXDK-40WZM model :pyramid tea bag with thread and tag (nylon material, Ultrasonic sealing).          Applications: It is suitable for automatically packaging of steeping products, such as fragmental tear medical tea, green tea, black tea, coffee, herbal tea etc.    Introduction   1) Nylon triangle tea bag adopts the imported environmental nylon, weaving cloth material from Japan, which is of sense of high quality food class filter material without poison and bacteria, with heat-resistance approved by China safety inspection, the single color printing of pulling paper on packing is made from imported poison less ink from Japan suitable for food, and could100%recyclr and reduce the environmental pollution.2) Of which the sealing take use of unique method-ultrasonic mark sealing, tight, sanitary, safety, reducing abundant sealing width,Read More →