5 Gallon Mineral / Pure Water Bottle Filling Machine

  5 Gallon Mineral / Pure Water Bottle Filling Machine  Blissum manufactures Monobloc 5 gallon filling machine/distilled water filling machine —-a variety of fully automatic washing filling capping machinery for large bottle –5gallon bottle ( 18.9Liter bottle, 3gallon and 6gallon is available) water line.    5 Gallon Mineral / Pure Water Bottle Filling Machine1. Full-automatic PLC control, full-automatic working, filling level, filling time adjustable. 
2. Food Class 304 or 316L stainless steel contact parts. 
3. All 304 stainless steel construction. 
4. Food Class PVC, 304S. S. Or 316L S. S. Pipeline, depends on the models. 
5. Full-automatic PLC control, filling level, filling time adjustable. 
6.2 to 12 internal bottles or external bottle washing stops with circular hot. Alkali, detergent, ozone, tap, pure water, depends on the models. 
7. Linear cylinder-pushed filling style, supper high precision, ( when the capacity up to 800BPH, adopt the rotary filling system ). 
8. Automatic cylinder-pushed capper system. 
9. Automatic cylinder-pushed empty bottles loading system to load the empty to the Washer Filler Capper full-automatically. 
10. Food Class stainless steel washing pumps and filling pumps. 
11. Food Class Fiber Glass clear windows. 
12. No bottle no washing, no bottles no filling, no bottle no capping. 
13. Available model of our 5 gallon filling machine ( washer filler capper ) 60 bottles per hour to 1500 bottles per hour. 5 gallon bottle filling plant.jpg.jpg5gallon bottle production filler machine.jpgMobile:0086 + 13759873389     Mike

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