API standard RD Sampler DST testing equipment made in China

DST 2  RD safty circulating valve 1  RTTS circulating valve 1

                 RTTS safety joint                               Sleeve Type Drain Valve                                  Hydraulic Jar API standard RD Sampler testing tools made in China RD Sampler is a full bore sampler which is used in cased hole and is operated by annulus pressure.  It is mainly used in the full bore  formation testing jobs  to get the formation fluid sample under downhole  pressure state.  The entire tset tube string is kept full bore status before and after sampling and does not affect the conduct of subsequent operations. Specifications: 
NO. Specifications 5″ 3 7/8″
1 OD 127.5mm 99mm
2 ID 57mm 45mm
3 Total Length 2198mm 3055.5mm
4 Tensile Strength (yield) 2766 KN 1500 KN
5 Working pressure 70MPa
6 The maximum sample pressure 70MPa
7 Internal yield Pressure Strength 95 MPa 130 MPa
8 Outer yield Pressure Strength 86MPa 94MPa
9 Torque yield Strength 56 KN*m 19.5 KN*m
10 Sample chamber Internal yield Pressure Strength 152MPa
11 Service temperature -29℃~180℃
12 Sample volume 1200 CC
13 End connections 3 7/8"CAS.B×P 2 7/8"CAS.B×P
14 Service conditions Mud,crude oil,natural gas with H2S and acid
15 Range of Casing size 7",9 5/8" 5″,5 1/2″

  RTTS circulating valve 1DST5DST 6exhibition1 If you have any need, just let me know. I will try to give you a competitive price. Thank you in advance. 

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