Main technology Specifications of Stereo Microscope  MZS0745 : MZS0745 7X-45X Binocular optical instruments for measuring depth  1.Total magnification 7X~45X (standard outfits), extend total magnification:270X  2. Zoom objective magnification 0.7X~4.5X, working distance 118mm.  3.With high eye point and wide field eyepiece SWH10X(Φ23mm)  4.Binocular/ Trinocular eyetubes inclined 45°and main body can be rotated 360°  5.The range of adjusting the diopter is ±6  6.Interpupillary distance adjustment range 52mm~76mm  7.The range of adjusting the focus is 50mm(the square post is 100mm), the diameter of the center working stage is Φ95mm  8.The measurement to match between the support and the main body is Φ76mm  9.The distance between from the post center to theRead More →