Fivestar/BT automatic MARS M&M's chocolate bean candy triangle packaging machine   Product Description Application  Particle automatic MARS M&M's chocolate bean candy triangle packing machine  :Suitable for automatic packaging loose non-adhesive powder, particle materials like milk beans , flour, gourmet, sugar, soup, wheat and drying agents.  Technical parameters    Model BT-8250DN-N10 Packing speed 30-60bags/min Bag-making size (L)30-200(W)25-115mm Film width 50-250mm Measuring range 1-30ml Air consumption 0.36m²/min  0.8MPa Power supply AC220V 50-60Hz   1.5kw Machine size (L)1000 (W)800 (H)1800 mm Machine weight 380kg       Functions  (1)Reasonable design, simple structure.(2)Controlled by single-chip computer, stepping motor, convenient and correct bag length setting.(3)Simple, fast speed regulation.(4)Automatic completion for bag-making, filling, counting, sealing and cutting(5)text display screenRead More →