Product Description Brief introduction of HYB-1000 filling machineHYB-1000 filling machine is vertical type; it seals three sides, intermittent high-accuracy liquid packing machine.HYB-1000 filling machine can automatic complete the full process of bag-making, filling, sealing, printing number, cutting and counting, be controlled by microprocessor. Use multi path temperature controlling and heat sealing organ, controlling temperature accurately, good heat balance and high quality of sealing.HYB-1000 filling machine is widely used to pack soybean milk, juice, water, wine, vinegar, kinds of oil and liquid chemical products. Main Parameters of HYB-1000 filling machine Model HYB-1000 Capacity 1500-2000BAGS/H Volume 100-500ML(adjustable) length of bag 150mm Width of bag 150mm Material 304 stainless steelRead More →