XHYY102 Series Transformer Insulation oil Tester Product Features: 1. XHYY102 through the MCU control program and Print the result.2. Strong anti-interference ability3. This series is including single cup, double cup, three cup, six cup4. Small volume (40.5x34x37Height cm), light weight(NW. 25.0kg), portable  Specifications:  1. Measurement range: 0-80kv/0~100kV2 The time of boost pressure: 15 min(can be adjust)3. The speed of boost pressure: 2.0-3.5kv / S (can be adjust)4. The interval of boost pressure:5 min5. The volume of boost pressure: 1500w6. The distance of electrode: 2.5mm7. Power supply: AC220V or can be supply other according to request.8. can be supply measurement single cup, double cup, three cup, six cup9. Dimension:40.5x34x37cm10.Weight:25kg (NW) AtRead More →