VinSyst Bottle Cap Torque Testers VBT Series are a Torque-Measuring Device specially designed to work on Bottle Caps. The exact determination, especially of the opening torque, is a Quality-Defining Factor and provides Reliable Assurance and Documentation that bottle caps have been closed with the appropriate amount of Torque. Even child-resistant caps requiring downward force during the opening operation can be tested.Technical Specifications –Capacity – Up to 20N.mResolution N m  – 0.001Accuracy              Display – Digital LCD Backlit DisplayDisplay Units – N.m,, Lb.inSensor Type – Sensor Inside                        Salient Features-Measurement in N.m, and Lb.inHigh Precision, High Resolution, Quick SamplingPrecise Measurement of Cap TorqueFlexible Bottle HolderRealRead More →