optical instruments plane holographic diffraction gratings Product Description   Product Description  Holographic Plane Gratings             There are a wide range of holographic master gratings. Typical groove density range of the plane holographic gratings is from 600 lines/mm up to 4321 lines/mm.  Specificationse.g.  Groove Density (g/mm) 1200 Wavelength Range(nm) 190-800 Dimensions (mm) 64*64 Coating Aluminum Type Reflective Diffraction Grating Construction Plane Holographic Gratings—GH101  Master list      Please contact us for detailedHolographic Plane Gratings Master ListNote:YBT OPTICS has a huge library of grating, offers a wide variety of different specification.If we do not have a grating that meets your requirement, please contact our sales department as newgratings are manufactured on a regular basis. Actual product      Our Services   Extensive Product Range   Diffraction Gating Ruled gratings Transmission gratings Holographic plane gratings Concave Spectrograph (Flat Field) Concave monochromator gratings Concave Rowland circle gratings HighRead More →