No Difficult Products to Test in the World!   High Precision Optical Instrument CPJ-3025        Usages:  1. High Precision Optical Instrument CPJ-3025 is mainly used for the measurement of the mechanical parts of the length, angle, contour and surface shape. 2. It can inpect all kinds of surface and outline of compli-cated work-Pieces, cam, screw thread, gear, perform milling cutter and so on. 3. It's widely used in the trade of mechanism, meter, electricity, ligt industry, college, research institute and measurement-inslecting department.  4. Measurement data can output and connect printer and computer.  Specification:  Model CPJ-3010  CPJ-3015 CPJ-3020 CPJ-3025   Table The metal table’s size(mm)  306×152 340×152 404×228 450×280 The glass table’s size(mm) 175×100 196×110 260×160 306×196 X-axis travel(mm)  100 150 200 250 Y-axis travel(mm)Read More →