1.Controller adopts design of hardware with a wide operative range having the advantages of long service life and low failure rate.2.Possess the reliable “Time-delayed”function,suitable to operate in the open field.3.Excellent anti-jamming performance.Capable to operate within a line voltage range from 180V-250V.4.High degree of automation,with the function of trouleself shooting and indication.5.Strictly followed with 1:1working/resting radio,elminating the disoperation.6.The HV windings made by imported enamel wire is applied in the X-ray generator,so as to make the quality of the complete equipment improved a great deal.models: GENERAL MINIEXTRA SPECIAL model model MODEL XXQ-2005 XXQ-2005L XXQ-1005 XXH-2005 XXH-2005L XXH-1005 XXHA-2005 XXHA-2005L XXQ-1605 XXG-2005 XXG-2005L XXH-1605 XXG-2005Z XXG-2005ZL XXHA-1605 XXQ-2505Read More →