Full Automatic Snack Food Packaging Machine Product DescriptionThis full automatic packaging machine is with combined weighing system,which is suitable for packaging fragile bulk material with irregular shapes and requiring high measuring accuracy, such as: puffed snacks,prawn cracker, potato chips, banana chips, crispy rice, biscuit, peanut, roasted seeds, almond, walnuts,dried fruits,sweets,nuts,salt,sugar,frozen food,vegetable,hardware,plastic parts accessories etc.Snack Packaging Machine Features:1. Standard with combination multi-head weigher (10 head), which has a high-precision, high- speed and good man-machine interface.Easy to operate and control.2. Widely used in food industry for packing irregular and uneven weight products.3. Less manpower,less waste,easy operation and maintenance.4. Adopts PLC with touch control screen,human machine interface,easy to learnRead More →