Size 1-100mm 2lambda 80/50 BK7 ball lens for optical instruments prompt goods      Worldhawk can provide ball lens made of different materials, such as BK7 (glass), a sapphire, and calcium fluoride, fluoride, barium, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, or according to customer's request of material.   Application:   Spherical Ball Lenses/Half ball lens are commonly used for laser collimating and focusing,  laser-to-fiber coupling, fiber-to-fiber coupling, and fiber-to-detector coupling.    Parameter:  Material K9, Sapphire, ruby, B270, JGS1 Supply ability 5000pc/month Dimensions 1-50mm Dimensions tolerance +/-0.002mm,+/-0.05mm Ellipticity +/-0.001mm Surface Quality 60/40,40/20 Clear Aperture ≥90% Flatness 2λ Coating Upon customer request                   Revelent Pics of components:       Brand   Worldhawk is a optical components supplier with optical glasses,Fused SilicaRead More →