Automatic Leak Detector Packaging Machinery

 Leak Tester1  Application :- Leak Tester is to validate the rigid bottles before filling.2 Automatic Rejection :- It has a rejection system which rejects the leak bottles / containers.3 Online :- Machine shown is an Online Leak tester.4  Speed :- Machine operates at a speed of 35-38* bottles per minute for 1 Liter containers.5  Change over :- Linear machine offers easy change over from one size/shape of container to other as the setting are easy and no change parts are involved.6  Leak Check :- By change in pressure method with intelligent sensors and circuits.7  Conveyor :- 2.4 mtr long PVC belt specialized conveyor with AC frequency drive control for easy speed settings.8 Settings :-  Parameter settings on PLC panel with 2line display.
Multi track seal pouch packing machine is fitted with liquid filler system for filling of maximum  liquid. The machine works on weighing principle where in the empty containers are tared and the set weight of the product is filled.The containers have to be placed  at the infeed of the conveyor which are further conveyed  on the weighing platform.The weight to be filled is set on the PLC by feeding the scoarse and fine  target weight on the MMI (which has a display and a key pad.)  The chain conveyor carroed the containes to the filling area and automatically stops when the containers reach under the nozzles.The filling is done in two stages fast (coarse flow) and slow (fine flow) for maximum weight accuracy and splash control.The containers are filled in fast mode till the coarse preset weight is reached. Once the coarse preset value is reached, the filling goes to a slow mode and shits of when the final weight is reached. After the final cut-off, a drip tray (which is provided as an added precaution) comes bewlo the nozzle to prevent any drop falling on to the container.As soon as the filling is over the containers are taken out of the filling areas and taken to the post filling areas bu the same chain conveyor. Packaging_Machinery (1).jpg  Spheretech packaging India is marketing division of the entire group manufacturing units.We manufacture liquid filling machines for bottles, ffs machines for pouches, pouch packing machines for powders, grains, pulses etc. Thermofroming machines, indcution cap sealers and induction seals. We have induction seals for glass, HDPE, pp, and pet bottles.

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