TOPY-VP420X Foshan Semi-auto Packaging Machine, food packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine 4200VFFS packaigng machine:Product Description ApplicationSuitable to pack coffee bean, sugar, salt, spice, potato chips, puffed food, jelly, pet food, snacks, gummy, etc. Optional deviceFilling nitrogen device, gusseted device, punching jaws, chain bag device, PE film device, venting device Technical advantages l        The frame is made of SS#304, which makes the machine with longer working life and anti-corrosion.l        Mitsubishi PLC control the whole machine movementl        Perfect alarm system to help resolve the problem at the first timel        Double-belt pulling film system, fast and work stable SPECIFICATIONS Model TOPY-VP420X Max packing speed 85bags/min Bag size (L)50-230mm* (W)60-190mm Type of bagRead More →

   Zhejiang optical instrument manufacturers microscope price Z112  configuration:                                      Product name Zhejiang optical instrument manufacturers microscope price Z112 AchromaticObjectives 4X,10X,40X(Spring),100X(Spring,Oil)  Eyepiece  Wide Field Eyepiece :WF10X,(WF16X optional) Viewing head sliding trinoclular head Focusing Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment,Focusing Range 30mm,Fine  Division 0.002mm  Stage Double Layer Mechanical Stage Size 140X140mm,Moving Range 75X45mm    Condenser   Abbe NA=1.25 with lris Diaphragm&Filter Illumination Halogen Lamp or LED 3W, 220V/6V20W or 110V/6v20W   optional flat field objectives  4X,10X,40X(Spring),100X(Spring,Oil)       Zhejiang optical instrument manufacturers microscope price Z112  picture:               Zhejiang optical instrument manufacturers microscope priceRead More →

(1) Maximum Paper Roll Diameter: φ1500mm (2) Effective Width: 900mm-2200mm(3) Maximum Support Weight: 3t(4) Main Axis: φ242mm(5) The Structure is Double Rotary Shafts with Four Arms(6) Support Two Paper Mill Rolls on both Arms at the Same Time(7) Hydraulic Control for Paper Mill Roller Up-down, Clamp-open and Centering(8) Web Tension Controlled by Pneumatic Brake or Manual Brake(9) Tapered Center, Stretch Center and Springiness Chucks are Optional We are the biggest manufacturer of corrugated carton machinery in north of China with 30 years production experience. We produce corrugated cardboard and carton production line, which is composed of hydraulic mill roll stand, preheater, high speed single facer corrugation machine, gluer, double facer, N.C slitterRead More →

Full automatic drinking water filling machine, PET bottle filling machine , bottle filling equipment  Product Description1.This drinking water filling equipment 3-in-1 adopts bottle neck holding transmission technology to realize fully automatic rising ,filling and capping .2.most elements of the electrical system adopts foreign advanced products , each machine element that contacts with the liquid is made of high quality Stainless steel . 3.They obtain the advantages of good abrasive resistance,high stability ,low failure rate etc. The quality of the equipments reaches the international advanced level. Main Parameters   Model Rinsing heads Filling heads Capping heads Capacity(BPH)(500ml) Installed power (kw) Overall size (mm) CGF12-12-6 12 12 6 4000Read More →

                                     Protective Packaging Machines Air Cushion Bag  Product Description 1.     Automatic Machine controlled by PLC and Inverter. Easy operation control panel 2.     Parameter setting effect immediately, tracked by electronic eyes, smooth and accurate. 3.     Widely frequency range of inverters are controlling the whole production line, stepless speed changing, individual release and pick up motors make production more smooth and effective. 4.     Release and pick up roll holders are using air expansion shaft, easy load and unload.  Main Technical Parameters:     Model JS1200 Part A air column making speed (meter/min) 8-10 (Adjustable) Part BRead More →

   Optical spherical lens for precision optical instruments  plano convex spherical lens,  plano concave spherical lens,  biconvex spherical lens,  biconcave spherical lensSpecification: 1. Diameter: 0.5-350mm 2. Center thickness tolerance: ±0.01mm,3.Surface Quality: 20/10—80/504. Surface Accuracy: <1λ5. Decenter: 15"Production capability Materials All kinds of high quality optical glass, quartz and crystal Diameter 0. 2~350mm Radius R 1.5mm-∞ Center thickness tolerance ±0.01mm Diameter tolerance ±0.005mm Surface quality 20/10–80/50 Surface accuracy <1λ Irregularity λ/10 Decenter 15" Coating Upon request  Production Equipments Equipment Qty Made in Processing machine 6sets China Out cutting machine 4sets China Milling machine 50sets China, Korea Grind machine 80sets China, Korea Polishing machine 260sets China, Japan, Korea Centering machine 80sets China,Read More →

 Product Description  LED Light Meter Testing Equipment – CHROMA-2 Pocket Chroma Meter Introduction: CHROMA-2 Portable Colorimeter  is developed based on TOSHIBA TCD1304DG linear array CCD detector. It makes traditional laboratory instrument available for the production on-line quality acceptance, thus greatly improved the efficiency of fluorescent lamp, CFL, LED. Measurements: Chroma Coordinates (x, y, u, v, duv), CCT (Correlated Color Temperature), CRI (Color Rendering Index), Dominant Wave, Peak Wave, Flux RGB Ratio, Half Width, Purity, Spectrum diagram. Illuminance test (lx) or flux test (lumen) with the integrating sphere. Specifications:• LCD Display and can measure all of the chroma color parameters and illuminance directly• It can test flux additional with the integrating sphere• Rang of wavelength:Read More →

Automatic drinking juice packaging machine   Descriptions of Automatic drinking juice packaging machine  Specifications •Full filling is to avoid the bottle from sinking after the bottle cooling off, and to decrease the dissolved oxygen to the utmost extent. •Reasonable structured storage hopper and material supply system keep the material in the constant flow speed, constant pressure and without frothing. Usually high position tank is adopted. •The storage hopper has the characteristic of gas discharge, full sealing and temperature detecting. In moderate and high speed production line, the material distributor replaces the big liquid tank to realize the complete CIP. •Sanitary filling head system is of umbrella structure, high filling speed. •Perfect fillingRead More →

Gold supplier china popular design, stainless soda water filling machine    INTRODUCTION  The 6 heads filling machinhe is widely usde in filling medicine , chemical , drinks , wines etc. Viscous liquid .This machine adopt German FESTO pneumatic accessories and Mitsu controller , control screen and Omron actuator , which ensure the reliable and stable performance . WORKING THEORYThe piston push forward the constant pump working to fullful the filling process . The filling volume is adjusted by the touch press key on the control screen .( the minimum can be adjusted to 2 point after the radix point ), this function can assure the high precisionRead More →