corrugated carton packaging machinery

(1) Maximum Paper Roll Diameter: φ1500mm 
(2) Effective Width: 900mm-2200mm(3) Maximum Support Weight: 3t(4) Main Axis: φ242mm(5) The Structure is Double Rotary Shafts with Four Arms(6) Support Two Paper Mill Rolls on both Arms at the Same Time(7) Hydraulic Control for Paper Mill Roller Up-down, Clamp-open and Centering(8) Web Tension Controlled by Pneumatic Brake or Manual Brake(9) Tapered Center, Stretch Center and Springiness Chucks are Optional We are the biggest manufacturer of corrugated carton machinery in north of China with 30 years production experience. We produce corrugated cardboard and carton production line, which is composed of hydraulic mill roll stand, preheater, high speed single facer corrugation machine, gluer, double facer, N.C slitter scorer machine, N. C cut-off machine, stacker as well as flexo printing slotting and die cutting machine, rotary slotting machine, folder gluer machine, laminator, etc. Our production line can produce 2-layer, 3-layer, 5-layer and 7-layer with speed from 40-220m/min, and width from 1400mm-2500mm.

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