diesel injector test equipment with piezo function

diesel injector test equipment with piezo function        CRS-708C can test common rail  pump and injector of  BOSCH,DENSO,DEL PHI and SIE MENS by flow meter sensor, as well as Piezo injector,DENSO HP0 pump. The data is also obtained by computer,19 inch LCD screen display makes the data more clear. It adopts drive singal modulation and forced-cooling system, advanced technology, steady performance, precise measurement and convenient operation.
   CRS-708C can fulfill the remote assistance by internet and make the maintenance easy to operate.  
crs.jpg  >>>CHARACTERISTIC    1. Main drive adopts the speed change by frequency change.2. Controlled by industrial computer in real time, Windows operating system. Fulfill the remote assistance by internet and make the maintenance easy to operate.3. Flow is measured by flow sensor and displayed on 19 inch LCD.4. Drive signal can be adjusted.5. Controll the rail pressure by DRV ,rail pressure can be tested in real time and controlled automatically, it contains the high-pressure protection function.6. Oil temperature is controlled by forced-cooling system.7. Pulse width of the injector drive signal can be adjusted.8. Protection function of short-circuit.9. Plexiglass protective door, easy operation, safe protection.   >>>FUNCTION 

Common Rail Injector Common Rail Pump
1. test brands: BOSCH, DENSO, DEL PHI, SIE MENS.
2. test the seal performance of common rail injector. 2. test the sealing of common rail pump.
3. test the pre-injection oil quantity of common rail injector. 3. test the internal pressure of common rail pump.
4. test the max. oil quantity of common rail injector. 4. test the proportional electromagnetic valve of common rail pump.
5. test the min. oil quantity of common rail injector. 5. test oil transfer pump performance of common rail pump.
6. test the average oil quantity of common rail injector. 6. test the flux of common rail pump.
7. Test the backflow oil quantity of common rail  injector. 7. measure the rail pressure in real time.
8. Data can be searched, printed and made into database.


Injection testing frequency 50~3000 rpm
Fuel temperature 40±2°C
Rail high pressure 0~1800 bar
Test oil filtered precision
Input power 380V/50hz/3phase or 220V/60hz/3phase
Rotation speed 0~4000RPM
Oil tank capacity 60L
Flywheel inertia’s moment 0.8KG.M2
Center height 125MM
Output power 11KW
Overall dimension(MM) 1900×800×1550
Weight 800 kg.

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