Digital Lensmeter TL-6000 optical instrument

Digital Lensmeter TL-6000 Easy to use control functions, conveniently located below the screen.Quick, accurate and easy operation for alignment and measurements.Measure all types of lenses made from all kinds of materials.Able to measure single vision, bifocal and progressive lensesPupil Distance measurement.Chinese or English digital display selectableAuto power saving mode.Thermal Printer (optional).Optional Ultra Violet transmission check (optional). Main Specifications: 

  Measurement Range Minimum
Sph. Lenses 0~±25D 0.01D,0.12D,0.25D
Cyl. Lenses 0±10D 0.01D,0.12D,0.25D
Cyl. Axial Angle 0~180°
Prism 0~10Δ 0.01Δ,0.12Δ,0.25Δ
ADD 0.10D 0.01D,0.12D,0.25D
Abbe Compensation numbers 20,30,40,50,60
Lens Diameter Φ10mm~Φ90mm

Workshop: WorkshopR&D

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