High Precision Optical Instrument CPJ-3025

No Difficult Products to Test in the World!   High Precision Optical Instrument CPJ-3025       QQ.jpg Usages:  1. High Precision Optical Instrument CPJ-3025 is mainly used for the measurement of the mechanical parts of the length, angle, contour and surface shape. 2. It can inpect all kinds of surface and outline of compli-cated work-Pieces, cam, screw thread, gear, perform milling cutter and so on. 3. It's widely used in the trade of mechanism, meter, electricity, ligt industry, college, research institute and measurement-inslecting department.  4. Measurement data can output and connect printer and computer. applied industries.jpg Specification: 

Model CPJ-3010  CPJ-3015 CPJ-3020 CPJ-3025
  Table The metal table’s size(mm)  306×152 340×152 404×228 450×280
The glass table’s size(mm) 175×100 196×110 260×160 306×196
X-axis travel(mm)  100 150 200 250
Y-axis travel(mm)  50 50 100 150
Z-axis travel(mm)  90 90 90 90
Measuring accuracy(um) 3+L/200 3+L/200 3+L/200 3+L/200
Projector screen Screen size (mm):Ø 312 Used range>Ø 300(with the meter line)
Screen rotary range:0°~360°
Resolution(X-axis,Y-axis):1´  or   0.01°
 Lens Magnification:                10X(option)      20X(option)     50X(option)      100X(option)
Object view(mm):               Ø30                 Ø15                    Ø6                    Ø3
Working distance(mm):      77.7                  44.3                 38.4                  25.3 
Data Processing System DC-3000 multi-function data processing system ,appearing in English ,can be used to gather the data and measure the point , line, circle, angle and distance.
Illumination The illumination of transmission and reflection: 24V/150W-halogen lamp.
Power 110V/220V(AC), 50/60HZ, Total power=400W
Cold By three fans
Dimensions L*W*H(mm) 770x550x1100 770x600x1100 780x780x1100 810x780x1120
weight Unit:(kg) 170 180 190    200  
Option Mini-printer,Edge detector,M2D software and so on,please refer to Accessories for measuring projector for more details.

 Guarantee: 12 months warranty. Buy with confidence! 1. Within 12 months from the date of assemble and acceptance, but not exceeding 15 months from the date if shipment.  2. During this period, we will take phone and internet teaching to users with a combinative after-sale advisory service.  3. We provide life warranty services of machine for users with cost. 1) If machine failure caused by our side, you can send back the spare parts to us and the cost by our side.  2) But if needs our technician come to customer side for training, technical service is free, except ticket and accommodation. 4. Extra warranty period: We will provider to user after-salelifelong advisory service. 5. Our company has spare parts which can be provided for the users with cost. 6. We provided users with after-sales value-added technical service by preferential price for life, such as technical upgrades and retrofit. About us:  Office.jpg.jpg.jpgmachine package.jpgCustomer Groups.jpginitpi.jpgini.jpg Welcome to contact us!!!^-^

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