Horizontal Packaging Machine

Characteristics and structural features:1.     Automatic detects and set bag length without manual setting.2.     Simple machine structure with flexible wheels, easy to maintain or change location. It guarantees long life span and hygienic.3.     The single chip of main control circuit developed by our company. Digital screen and transducer control guarantees conveniently operation 4.     Double transducer control with stepless speed shift and wide adjustment, It can match well with the former working procedure of production line;5.     Highly sensitive detector automatically and accurately monitors the whole procedure. 6.     Independent temperature control guarantees beautiful and tight sealing 7.     Suitable for a wide variety of flexible packing material and packing size.8.     Optional gas charging device and alcohol spray device   echnical parameters: 

Machine Model VM-LP320 horizontal packing machine
Packing speed 35-180 bags/min
Packing material Plastic film (OPP/CPP,PT/PE,KOP/CPP,ALU-FOIL)
Bag style Pillow type/fat pouch (3-side pre-sealed)
Bag size (L*W*H) 90-240mm,30-130mm,5-45mm
Film width 80-300mm
Packing Dimension (L)4000mm* (W)950mm* (H)1600mm
Heat power 2.1kw
Motor power 0.55+0.75kw
Total power 3.4kw
Overall weight 600kg
Application Bread,Disposable diaper,loaded by box/tray and any kind of products

   Application Applicable for packing various solid regular objects, such as packing pies, package cookies, packing biscuits, packing chocolate, packing candy, package medicine, package hardware and so on.   

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