Laboratory testing equipment

Laboratory testing equipment KMI Tensile Testers are electrically operated machines capable of determining tensile strength and elongation of Textile, Rubber, Plastic, Cables and Conductors, Leather, Asbestos, Paper, Plywood, Metal, and other materials.Can test materials in conformity with IS or other standard. 1)      Facility to have multiple numbers of load cells thus giving wide range of coverage with better accuracy at higher and lower load ranges with minimum resolutions (least count).2)      Special facility for mounting additional load cells as a result of which there is no need to change either load cells or grips on the machine.3)      Speed of the machine can be regulated through computerized systems.4)      Unlimited storage facility of records files with an option of custom built software which can be supplied at extra cost Our clients are offered with an extensive range of Universal and Mechanical Testing machines that are widely used by all our clients. These are fabricated out of the best quality of raw materials so that they ensure to serve for the best possible time. Our range of universal and mechanical testing machines include, yarn testing machines, mechanical tensile testing machines, tensile testing machines, computerized testing machines and universal testing machines.  
We are manufacturing and supplying high precision testing machine that are used for  determining tensile strength and elongation of textile, rubber, plastic, cables and conductors, leather, asbestos, paper, plywood, metal, and other material. With capacity upto100 KN, it can test material in conformity with IS or other standard. We are pioneer in the manufacturing of tensile testing machine in India , that is used for accurate testing results. The range includes :

Computerized Universal Testing Machine with Hydraulic Straining Unit.
Micro Processor based version is also available.Scanned at 5-20-2009 12-35 PM_000Scan0037Scan0038

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