NJP2000 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

NJP2000 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine ApplicationsThe machine is widely used in Pharmaceutical, medicine, and chemicals (powder, Pellet, granule, pill),also can be used to fill vitamin, foodstuff and animal drug, etc.1. Touching-Screen, PLC program control panel with LCD.2. Capsule vacuum positioned mechanism to make the capsule qualified over 99%.3. Removable powder hopper for cleaning and easy auger adjustment easy to change fills weights.4. Easy speed selection and closed capsule length adjustment.5. Electrical Appliance control system approved to CE, and international standard.6. Quick and accurate change part set-up, easy to remove rotary table and ring carrier assembly.7. Fully enclosed dosing stations and rotating table for integration of the whole capsule filling plants.8. Large cam mechanism keeps the rotating table of mould together with the whole equipment running with balance, and completely guarantees the machine operating with highest precision and accuracy. Main Technical Parameters

Model NJP-400 NJP-600 NJP-800 NJP-1000 NJP-1200 NJP-2000
Max. Output(pcs/h) 24000 36000 48000 60000 72000 120000
Capsule Size Suitable for filling capsule size 00#-5#
Supro/safefy capsule size:A-E
(need to exchange the spare parts/moulds accordingly)
Dosage Type Powder/Pellet/Tablet
Power Supply 3.7KW
Noise Index Less than 75dBA Less than 78dBA
Machine Size 920 x 800x 1900mm 920 x 800x 1900mm 1100*1000*2000mm
Net Weight 950KG 1000KG 1300Kg

 NJP1200-2000.jpg  20120913.jpg

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