Optical Instrument UV-spectrophotometer

UV1800 Series UV-spectrophotometer  Product Description UV1800.jpg Product Description:1. The host can dependently accomplish photometric measurement and quantitative measurement, spectral scanning, dynamics, DNA/protein test, wavelength testing and data printing functions, etc.2. Using the latest ARM system, built-in double operating system in both Chinese and English, can through the USB interface transfer data storage.Features:1. Adopt 1200 bar/mm high-performance grating. New light control system makes the instrument light switch more quickly.2. The instrument adopts 320*240 lattice highlighted LCD display, direct display scan map, the screen interface simple, convenient use.UV1810.png3. Socket xenon lamp and tungsten lamp design, after change light no need optical debugging.4. Large sample chamber can accommodate 5-1000mm various specifications of the cuvette.5. Can be directly connected to the printer to print patterns and the experimental data.6. Optical disk automatic 8 joint cuvettes holder.  Technical parameters:

Product UV1801 UV1801S UV1801S
Wavelength Range 190 – 1100nm 190 – 1100nm 190 – 1100nm
Spectral Bandwidth 1nm 0.5nm, 1nm, 2nm, 4nm, 5nm 2nm
Photometric Accuracy ±0.3%T ±0.3%T ±0.5%T
Wavelength Accuracy 0.3nm 0.3nm 0.5nm
Wavelength Repeatability ≤0.1nm ≤0.1nm ≤0.2nm
Stray Light ≤ 0.05%T ≤ 0.05%T ≤ 0.05%T
Photometric Range ­-0.3 to 3A ­-0.3 to 3A ­-0.3 to 3A
Stability ±0.001A/h @500 ±0.001A/h @500 ±0.001A/h @500
Wavelength and the setting mode Arbitrarily set Arbitrarily set Arbitrarily set
Display 320*240 LCD 320*240 LCD 320*240 LCD
Data output Printer or USB export Printer or USB export Printer or USB export
Scanning speed Fast, mid, slow Fast, mid, slow Fast, mid, slow
Weight 25kg 25kg 19kg
Weight 590x 460x220mm 590x 460x220mm 520x 400x200mm
Software support Optional Optional Optional

 Packaging & Shippingcarton box.jpgwooden box.jpg4 express.jpg  Our ServicesWarranty Service From the date of acceptance, we can provide 12 months quality guarantee, all the maintenance costs and accessories parts costs are free within the date of quality guarantee (spare and accessories parts costs from instrument faults by human factors will be charged proper costs). After the date of quality guarantee, we will in charge of maintain instrument, and charge proper costs according to actual maintenance costs. HEB wants to joint hands with you to create more precise experimental instruments.  Company Information.jpg.jpg  FAQQuestion 1: Are you the factory?Yes, we’re.Established in 2004,we manufacture rotary evaporator, cylindrical jacketed reactor, cryostat etc.In 2006 year, we associated with our soul partner QiXin instrument, develop commonly new production line, now, we can manufacture CO2 Incubator, Cooling Incubator, Shaker Incubator, Blast Oven,Vacuum Oven, Climatic chamber and those products. Etc. Question 2: What is the delivery time?Normally, we have stocks for our hot sale products, the delivery time is about 3~5 days. For the customer-made instrument, it’s about 10~20 days. Question 3: What’s the warranty period? How do you provide this?Two years (24 month).We have very Strict inspection, the instruments which you received is reliable.If there’s any error, we’ll provide you the on line solution with in 12 hours. We’ll provide you the spare parts and the shipping cost totally free.If the problem was cause by the instrument quality, and cannot be repaired, we’ll ship you the new one.    

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