optical instruments WZ-C-180B optometry instrument

Features optometry instrument   This unit was produced by using advanced technology and import material. good look and properties, safe and reliable . suit for computer and medical instruments. The chair electric power.  The arm can adjust phroptor from left to right.  The chart projector with bracket support Specification 1.Unit size: 900x600x710mm2.Table size:  900x500mm3.Drawer size: 540x380mm4.Arm up and down range: 200mm5.Chair up and down range: 170mm 6.Light: 20w7.Electric Voltage: 110V220V (60HZ/50HZ)
8.Power: 120w9.Weight:  60kg C-180B_01C-180B_02C-180B_03C-180B_04

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