Optical Instruments fresnel / BHPA120-3-S fresnel solar lens array Product Description  Name Optical Instruments fresnel / BHPA120-3-S fresnel solar lens array Model BHPA120-3-S Type Plano Material Acrylic (PMMA) Size 488*488mm or as your reuirement Thickness 3mm Groove pitch 0.5mm Focal length 120mm Transmission (%): 92 (from 400-1100nm) Index of Refraction 1.491 Operating  Temperature (°C) 80 (Maximum) Technics mould press Cetificate CE, ROHS, Factory Audit, ISO9001:2008 Application widely used in led light,magnifier, solar collector etc Feature Fresnel lens array is a 4*4 array, each unit size 122*122mm. Popular used in solar concentrator, solar energy collector, hot water heater, LED light and so on. OEM large fresnel lensRead More →

multi-function food safety testing equipment(Detection of pesticide residues, heavy metal, nitrite)Product description: The instrument may be pesticide residues in food, formaldehyde, nitrite, sulfur dioxide, heavy metals, hexavalent chromium, sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate, hydrogen peroxide, protein, borax and other harmful substances, applicable to all levels of the business sector, and Technical Supervision, Health and Epidemic Prevention Station, testing center of agriculture, food production enterprises, environmental protection, schools, hotels and other units.A multi-sample measurements, 8-channel optical system design.Using pulse photometry automatic compensation, an effective solution to the light source stability and avoid the interference of ambient light detected without the use of the sample cell, a more accurate measurementRead More →

 IEC test equipment 50N force probe equipment machine    Product Description:                                                                    1. Reference to the standards IEC61032 IEC60335  IEC60065 2. It use for testing the electric products, to test safety of it. With the 50N force to press the probe instead the finger to measure electrical safety. Spectifications:                                                               Read More →

 Product Description Achromatic Lens:Why use an Achromatic lens?             Achromatic lens can be used as collimators, focusing lenses or light collectors. They are designed to eliminate chromatic and spherical aberrations and perform well for all paraxial imaging tasks. These lenses are coated with single layer antireflection coating to reduce surface  losses  in the visible regions. Achromatic lenses are widely used today in achromatic telescopes, microscopes, and photographic lenses. Specifications of  Achromatic Lens:                                          Material: Crown Glass & Flint Glass    Diameter Tolerance: +0.0, -0.05mm    Center Thickness Tolerance: ±0.1mm    Surface Quality: 40-20 scratch and dig    Centration: ±1 arc minutes    Surface Figure: lambda/4 @632.8nm    Clear Aperture: >85% of diameter    Bevel: 0.25x45deg    Coating: Upon requirement        Notes:We will process as the drawings and requirements rigorously.Our engineer will check or design the drawings according to the details.In addition,we have some stock lenses for your option.Our Processing Products                                            Company Information Our Company processing ablility:                                                         Diameter Tolerance: +0.0, -0.02mm  Center Thickness Tolerance: ±0.02mm Read More →

 SummaryThis instrument is designed and made as per standards GB/T 6536, GB/T 7534,ASTM D 86, ASTM D 850, ASTM D 1078. It is used to determine the distillation characteristics of motor gasoline, aviation gasoline, jet fuel, diesel oil, distillate fuel, naphtha, and some solvents which have special boiling points. It is a new instrument which is advanced and easy-operated. High cost performance.       I. Main technical features1. Built-in microcomputer. Advanced IPC technology. 12.1 inch light-touch LCD. Man-machine dialog. Easy to operate.2. Intelligent SCM control. The heating, cooling, distillate liquid level tracking, distillation rate control, recovered solution control, temperature recording, printing are all completed automatically.3. It displaysRead More →