precision optical instrument objective lens

precision optical instrument objective lens Specifications Focal length:40mmF4.0EFL:40.0024TTL:48.3226Max image size:Ø28.0mmDistortion:0.8%Relative illumation:60%Resolution center/corner:3.5Lp/mm, 3.0Lp/mm4 elements lens,black anodize case We offer production ranging from 
a single test sample to mass production, 
for optical lenses from ultra-small to big. 

About Us 1. Specialized in Custom Order lenses, we precisely meet every type2. Over 9 years of reliable experience in optics industry3. Fast response& rapid delivery4.Your reliable partner here in China.  We’re a professional manufacturer of custom order optical lenses. 1.jpg2.jpg Shape: Spherical lens (Plano-convex, Biconvex, Plano-concave, Biconcave), Ball lens, Rod lens, Prisms, Beam splitters, Filters, etc.Our lenses are used in precision instruments of various fields like medical use, microscope, digital camera, telescope, car device, camera, planetarium, broadcasting device, projectors, printing machine, military use, teaching use and etc.  Lower cost +Fast delivery + + Small lot production  Standard production SpecificationsDiameter:φ5 to φ150mmThickness: t=1~20mmMethod: Pitch polishing(Good for small lot production, high quality, small invest)High speed polishing (Good for mass-production) Please try us with other specialty lenses!  Manufacture -Optical glass blocks(Most optical glass material, Quartz, Pyrex, etc…)-Cut blanks, Pressing (very short delivery due)-Polishing, Centering(Pitch polishing, High-speed polishing)-Coating (Unique coating, Mirror reflection, etc…)-Gluing (lens bond, UV adhesion, etc…)-Inking (BK7, Sumicoating, etc…)-Assembly (Heat bundling, Inspection, etc…)  Strict Inspection System We test our lens in each process.With Interferometer, Analyzer, Automatic Centering Error Measurement System.Surface accuracy: λ/2~Surface quality: MIL standard 10/20~ How to Order1. Send us your drawings or spec information2. We will send our Quote3. Receive full payments and confirm your orders4. Start producing5.Send your goods out  Company vedio 

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