Semi automatic single head pneumatic paste filling machine

Semi automatic single head pneumatic paste filling machinexXFXXXi== Product introduction:1. The paste filling machine has introduced piston measuring mode and compressed air as the power. 2. The paste filling machine can work at an explosive or combustible place by stepping on the pedal.  3. The filling range can be adjusted lightly. 4. The piston of paste filling machine was made of PTFE material, abrasion resistant, anti-corrosion. 5. This paste filling machine is used in the chemical industry, food, cosmetic, medicine, pesticide, the lubricating oil and so on. It can fill the bags or bottles quantitatively. 6. Single or double nozzle can be provided. As with the cylinder device, this paste filling machine has to work together with the air compressor. == Technical parameters:

Voltage: 220/110V     50/60Hz              
Filling speed:                   5-20bottles/min/nozzle
Power: 300W                                                                               
Filling precision:             around 1%
Filling range: 5-100ml 10–280ml   100-1000ml 500-2800ml,  1000–5000ml
Air pressure: 0.4–0.6Mpa

 == Pictures of paste filling machine:paste filler.jpg3D drawing of paste filling machine:filling machine for paste.jpgPaste filling machine was connected with air compressor:filler for paste.jpg == Filling effect of paste filling machine:paste filling machine.jpg== Our services:      ♦ Customized service can be provided according to your requirement.      ♦ Before packaged& delivered, we will test the machine seriously and guarantee the machine runs stably with high accuracy.      ♦ Periodically call visit, to make sure there is no problems of the equipment.      ♦ 1 year warranty, technician available to service at any time..jpgMore information, operation video of paste filling machine, pls feel free to contact with me.

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