Size 1-100mm 2lambda 80/50 BK7 ball lens for optical instruments prompt goods

Size 1-100mm 2lambda 80/50 BK7 ball lens for optical instruments prompt goods      Worldhawk can provide ball lens made of different materials, such as BK7 (glass), a sapphire, and calcium fluoride, fluoride, barium, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, or according to customer's request of material.   Application:   Spherical Ball Lenses/Half ball lens are commonly used for laser collimating and focusing,  laser-to-fiber coupling, fiber-to-fiber coupling, and fiber-to-detector coupling.    Parameter: 

Material K9, Sapphire, ruby, B270, JGS1
Supply ability 5000pc/month
Dimensions 1-50mm
Dimensions tolerance +/-0.002mm,+/-0.05mm
Ellipticity +/-0.001mm
Surface Quality 60/40,40/20
Clear Aperture ≥90%
Flatness 2λ
Coating Upon customer request

                  Revelent Pics of components:  5.jpg 20.jpg21.jpg 2.jpg   Brand   Worldhawk is a optical components supplier with optical glasses,Fused Silica and Crystals materials. We special in lens(specially aspherical lens, ball lens, cylindrical lens etc), prisms, mirrors,filters,and so on. We have cooperated with Alibaba for nearly 4 years and has been designated alibaba’s gold supplier. For more detail, please review about our company profile.    Certification          Facilities        Packaging Processing          Why us?   1 Service time:        24 hours waiting for you. 2.Fast Response:   2 hours within our worktime, 12 hours get off work. 3.Good Service:      We can supply you from design,measure to coating one stop service. 4. MOQ:                   No MOQ requirement, you can set your order freely.
5. After-sales service:  If bad quality, we will refund .      How to Order ?    Step 1. Send the inquiry at the bottom of the product. Step 2. We will response or quote you within 24 hours. Step 3. Place order through email, fax directly.       

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