Table Top Check Valve Piston Filling Machine

LOGO3.jpg Company Information  Company Information: We are one of leading packaging machinery manufacturers and exporters in Chinato help our customers reach their production goals. Designing and building purified water & mineral water treatment, filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, inkjet coder, packaging machines to deliver complete turn-key packaging lines which are widely used for cosmetic creams such as shampoo, lotion, liquid soap, hair conditioner, essential oil, food such as edible oil, water, syrup, sauce, chemical such as alcohol, solvent, corrosive liquid and drink water bottling plant, juice plant and yoghurt plant. Our equipments are engineered for durability and ease to use. Warmly welcome to visit us and establish long-term business relation Product Description  Table Top Check Valve Piston Filling Machine  How Table Top Check Valve Piston Filling Machine worksA Check valve piston filler works on a check valve principle which opens the infeed valve on the draw stroke then forces the draw side check valve closed while opening the discharge valve on the dispense stroke.The big advantage of a check valve filling system is that it can self prime and draw product directly from a drum or other container without need for pumping or otherwise transferring product to another vessel. Simply drop the hose into the drum, adjust the fill volume and start filling products with excellent accuracy of +/- one percent.Check valve piston filler work well with most any free flowing liquid(meaning it pours easily),but does not work well on thicker products or products with particulates in them as they can foul the valves. They are available as tabletop model of one nozzle and dual nozzles, floor type of one nozzle and dual nozzles.  Table Top Check Valve Piston Filling Machine Key featuresSanitary stainless steel construction suitable for cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical applicationsTool free strip down for easy cleaningQuick release nozzle and feed pipe without need of toolsManul/Auto operation.Footswitch operated, frees operator's hands for other operations.Pneumatic operation suitable for hazardous areas or wash down facilities.Product Suction and Dispensing Speed AdjustmentInterchangeable nozzles.Easily assembled and disassembled.Easily portable.  SpecificationFilling Speed: Up to 30BPM(Bottle per minute)Filling Precision: 99% Filling Range:25-60ml,50-125ml,100-250ml,200-500ml,400-1000ml,900-2500ml,2200-5000ml.Air Pressure: 70-100 psi Air Volume: 3-5 cfm  Machine Show :check valve.jpg  Packaging & Shipping  initpintu_.jpgPackage:Normally the inner package ,we will packed by the stretch film ,outpackage we will use the export woodencase, please check the picture above. if you have special requirment of the package pls let us know in advance .Shipment:Mostly we send the goods to you by sea,as in this way the freight is most reasonable  ,if you need the goods urgently ,We can also send by air .   Our Services After-sale service

We will send technician to help our customers to install machines or warmly welcome our customers to send technicians to come to study. Our technician will install machine well and train customers’ staff well till they can run and maintain our machines well.

Spare parts 
All of our machines comes with spare parts for one year use. 

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