Testing Equipment

Model: SDH-1620A SDH/PDH Transmission AnalyzerOverview:The SDH-1620A is an advanced and handheld SDH/PDH transmissionanalyzer, which integrates on-line and off-line test of STM-1(155M) and E1 (2M)and tests of STM-4 (622M), STM-16(2.5G) into one package. Being highlyaffordable, easy-to-use and scalable, this powerful unit is ideal for installationand maintenance testing over the SDH/PDH transmission and accessnetworks. Functions:BERT: BERT test for PDH and SDH and error performance analysis per   G821, G826, G828, G829, M2100 and (or) M2101; Directly and   automatically compare the test results with standards. Anomaly/defect testing: Tx-end transmitting anomaly/defect events and Rx-end receiving anomaly/defect events with record and statistics; recorded events displayed in chart and/or graphics and supporting filter selection Overhead testing: overhead emulating transmission and receiving   analysis; two parts: general part (including J0/J1/J2/S1/V5/C2)          and extended part (all the remaining overhead bytes except A1/A2,B1/B2/B3 ) Pointer monitoring: generate G.783 pointer and NDF pointer; display pointer value in real-time; record pointer adjustment events (positive, negative and NDF) APS timing measurement: measure the network switchover time. Insert K1K2 sequence at Tx end, preset switching protection trigger condition; capture K1K2 bytes at Rx end and decode bytes meaning. Round trip delay testing: measure the signal transport time from Tx to Rx; Max. Min. and average latency statistics; set threshold on latency result. Tributary scan: auto scan each tributary with the range optional Timing and synchronization testing:frequency accuracy test; pull-in range and pull-out range test Real-time optical power testing TCM serial monitoring: insert and monitor SDH channel’s abnormality and TCM message string Remote control:remote operation on the instrument by connecting with PC Operation lock: set lock status and ensure the instrument’s normal work without outsider’s interference. Features:1. Easy operation: 10.4’’TFT touch screen, visible graphic display 2. Simulated indicators: for current and history alarm and error status; indicator quantities and types can be automatically set based on tested signals and interface settings. 3. Multi-task testing: multiple tasks can be created and deleteddynamically and freely. 4. Clock interfaces: external clock Tx & Rx interfaces 5. Events record: large capacity for recording bit error and alarm events; events displayed in chart and graphics and supporting filter selection 6. Data management: test results may be saved as HTML or TXT    format or exported to U-disk or PC for viewing and printing 

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