THE MOST ECONOMICS Optical Instruments HD-SXE-1 gold buyers in China

                      Operating microscope   HD-SXE-1SXE-1.jpg

 Product Description  Operation microscope can be widely used in medical optical instrument microsurgical operation and animal experiment. Anastomosis is mainly used in the Department of orthopedics, surgery, plastic surgery and obstetrics and gynecology surgical operation microscope in the micro blood vessels and nerves, but also can be used for microsurgical animal experiment, medical equipment is cheap a microsurgical field.Operation Features                                                                                        Large  Objective:                       f’=200  f’=200Operation  Distance(mm):     192.74  249.84Magnification (X):                     10          8Viewing Field(mm):                27.5      34.4 Technical parameters Eyepiece magnification: 12.5X
Focal length: 200mm
The working distance: 192.74mm
The primary mirror magnification: 10X
Diopter adjustment range: 5D
The interpupillary distance adjustment range: 55~75mm
Lighting the way: coaxial cold light source lighting, 8V 50W
For illumination: ≥ 35000Lx
Arm extension radius: 800mm
Fine focus speed: ≤ 2.5mm/s
Jiao Hangcheng: fine ≥ 40mm
The power supply voltage and frequency: 220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1Hz  Packaging & Shipping.jpg.jpgThe goods with a standard export packing, transport by sea Our ServicesWe will provide the best products and service for you,looking forword to your inquires.Welcome to you next time. Company InformationXuzhou Hengda Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in the bustling city of Xuzhou, and convenient transportation. Has over ten years history of research and development of medical equipment.

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