Toilet Tissue Roll Single Roll Packaging Machine OK-803A

Product Show                                                                                                                                                                                                                              OK-803A toilet tissue roll paper kitchen towel single individual packing machine                        skype:mkjennifer086     803NEW_      Product Description  Main performance and structure features: 1 The roll tissue single packing machine is especially designed for the package of roll tissue. It can achieve the process automatically from feeding, packing to side sealing. So that it averts the second pollution of hand operation in the process of package.
2 The whole line consists of three parts; the material delivery part, roll tissue packing part and side sealing part.
3 Servo motor controlling system, flexible bag length cutting, easy operation and step-less speed regulation.
4 Super large LCD screen with human-machine interface for intuitive operation, automatic setting inspection system, clear failure display.
5 High precision photoelectric cell correctly preforms color code 
tracking digital inputing, make the sealing and cutting position more correctly .
6 It can select the automatic film connecting device.   Main Technical Parameters

Model OK-803 Type
Soid core roll speed(rolls/min) 130-230
Coreless roll speed(rolls/min) 80-180
Packing size(mm) 85≤φ≤130 85≤H≤180
Main body outline dimension(mm) 5100×1100×1660
Side sealing device size(mm) 2300×630×1300
Machine's weight(kg) 900
Compressed air pressure(MPA) 0.6
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Total power (KW) 3.2
Packing film CPP,PE,BOPP and double-side heat sealing film 

                      Company Information  company__ OK Enterprise is established in the modern enterprise system, integrated with science, industry and trade into an integrated high-tech private joint-stock enterprise. Its predecessor for state-owned enterprise restructuring, sets up: Guangzhou OK Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD, OK Mechanical Institute, Guangzhou Nice Tissue Professional Processing Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD,Guangzhou Yiliang Packaging Material Co., LTD, OK Technology CO.,LTD,is China pharmaceutical industry association CAPE member unit, State the ministry officially sanctioned foreign import and export units.
Guangzhou Nice Tissue Professional Processing Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD is the subsidiary company of OK Enterprise that specializes in R&D and manufacturing household paper back-end processing packaging equipment, Now our company's existing factory area is 16,000mxm,280 staffs. We have passed the ISO9001 international quality system and CE certificate.  for all the machines we sell, we will offer one-year guarantee for free and all life maintenance. After the machines arrive, the sellers shall send technician to install the production line. And the buyer shall pay their round-trip air tickets from China factory to buyer's factory, the charge of visa, food transportations and accommodation in buyer's city.
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